MTV VMAs Quiz: How Well Do You Know Music Videos & Awards?

MTV VMAs Quiz: The MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) is an award show presented by the cable channel MTV to honour the best in the music video medium. Originally conceived as an alternative to the Grammy Awards, the annual MTV Video Music Awards ceremony has often been called the “Super Bowl for Youth.” 

This year marked the successful 39th season of MTV VMAs. The star-studded event at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey is credited with some new records in history. The American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift won 9 ‘Moon Trophies’ including video of the year, for her Midnight’s track Anti-Hero, as well as best direction, best pop video and song of the year.

VMAs 2023: Complete list of Winners

Take this quiz below to know and understand about history of MTV VMAs

  1. When was the first MTV Video Music Awards held?

 a) 1980 

b) 1982 

c) 1984 

d) 1986

Ans. c

Explanation: The first MTV Video Music Award show. Hosted by Dan Aykroyd and Bette Midler.

2. Which artist holds the record for the most MTV Video Music Awards won in a single night? 

a) Beyoncé 

b) Madonna 

c) Michael Jackson 

d) Lady Gaga

Ans. a

Source: Instagram/Beyonce

Explanation: As of 2023, Beyoncé has clinched a staggering 30 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), firmly placing her as the top recipient in the award’s history.

3. In which city are the MTV Video Music Awards typically held? 

a) Los Angeles 

b) New York City 

c) Miami 

d) Las Vegas

Ans. b

Explanation:  The MTV Video Music Award ceremonies are generally held in either New York City or Los Angeles. 

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4. What is the iconic trophy given to winners at the MTV Video Music Awards called? 

a) Moonman 

b) VMA Trophy 

c) Music Star 

d) Golden Mic

Ans. a

The MTV VMA Trophy is known as Moon TrophySource: Wikipedia

Explanation: This MTV “Moonman” statuette is the trophy given during the music television network’s annual Video Music Awards.

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5. Which of these categories is NOT a part of the MTV Video Music Awards? 

a) Best Collaboration 

b) Best Choreography 

c) Best Actor 

d) Best Visual Effects

Ans. c

Explanation: VMA is still about honouring different genres of music and its makers.

  1. Which artist famously performed with a live snake at the awards? 

a) Britney Spears 

b) Justin Timberlake 

c) Taylor Swift 

d) Eminem

Ans. a

Britney Spears performed with a snakeSource: Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

Explanation: Twenty years ago, the pop icon shook the world with her sensual performance during a jungle-themed version of “I’m a Slave 4 U,” with a massive serpent wrapped around her body.

  1. What year did MTV introduce the “Video of the Year” category at the VMAs?

a) 1984 

b) 1986 

c) 1988 

d) 1990

Ans. a

Explanation: At the first MTV Video Music Awards ceremony in 1984, the Video of the Year honour was presented to The Cars for the video “You Might Think”.

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  1. Who won 9 awards, including ‘Video Of The Year’ in 2023?

a) Taylor Swift 

b) Billie Eilish 

c) Lil Nas X 

d) Ariana Grande

Ans. a

Explanation: Taylor Swift won nine awards at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, which were held at Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. on Tuesday

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Taylor Swift poses with her 9 #VMAs awards.

— Pop Base (@PopBase)
September 13, 2023

  1. In 2009, who interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video? 

a) Kanye West 

b) Jay-Z 

c) Drake 

d) Eminem

Ans. a 

Explanation: Kanye West notoriously interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. 

  1. Who won VMA Artist of the Year 2023?

a) Shakira

b) Selena Gomez

c) Taylor Swift

d) Ice Spice

Ans. c

Explanation: Taylor Alison Swift, the American singer-songwriter won the VMA Artist of the Year Award for 2023.

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