Mother lion risks her life to save her cubs stuck on the cliff

The life of cubs in the wild is very difficult, they need time to get used to this life.

The lioness saves her cubs from falling from a high cliff. The mother did not notice how he ran away.

The mother heard the cry of the cubs and went to where the lioness was. The mother lion was accompanied by three lionesses and one male.

But she acted quickly, knowing her cubs were in danger. The mother runs very fast to save her child.

The mother lion’s maternal instincts make her risk her life to save her cubs. The cubs are in a state of despair and helplessness.

The mother lioness very slowly and carefully rescues her cubs. This scene was captured by a photographer.

The mother lion knows that every move can end badly. Fortunately, the cub and the mother are now safe and unharmed.

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