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Take control of the hero and defeat the monsters in Monster Buster Heroes with the brave princess. Demons haven’t appeared in the world since guarding the castle. This place is considered the most important line of defense against the invasion of all kinds of monsters. However, they have returned and are determined to destroy the castle in order to carry out their invasion plan. This time they gathered more monsters, regardless of whether they wanted to take the castle. But the castle is headed by a princess and won’t be easily invaded by monsters. Accompany the heroes above the princess castle and stop the plots of monsters.

The monsters are determined to take over the world and regroup the evil attack. The only line of defense of the land is a castle with many powerful heroes. This place is filled with hope, determined not to be invaded by monsters. The princess bravely stood up for the world, and you must stand with her. Powerful heroes will also accompany you to destroy waves of monsters. Someone like her can’t face an army of monsters you can’t face. The world you fought for is still worth it, even if you lose.

Download Monster Breaker Hero mod – Fight for the safety of the castle

The monsters staged an attack on the castle just because it protected the world behind them. A princess chose this place for a hero to stop monsters. They are ready to obey the princess’s orders and prevent any nightmares from coming. Faced with this wave of monsters, the heroes charged into the battlefield again. But this time, the princesses and heroes get help from strangers. You don’t know much about this world yet, but the threat of monsters has motivated you to fight together. Go to the castle with the princess and arrange formation to stop the monster enemies.

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monster slaying hero apk

collect heroes

The heroes in this castle are influential figures chosen by the princess. I have fought them and have a lot of experience with monsters. But war is different and needs to change with the drastic increase of monster power. The combat effectiveness of an entire team of heroes depends on how you arrange them in battle. So you have to add new talented heroes to complement the attacking lineup. You can also unlock and upgrade your castle hero to become stronger. Fight for your castle and find stronger heroes for the world.

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fight with monsters

Years after disappearing from the world, the monsters reorganized their attacks. They are returning to a more aggressive form, and it is up to you to fight them. You will join a group of heroes collected through monster attack mode. But don’t let the mighty abilities of the heroes overshadow the power of the monsters. The battle with monsters will change along the way, you need to pay attention to the battle. You don’t want the princess’s efforts to protect the kingdom ruined by your own subjectivity. Gather your team of castle heroes and get ready to fight against all opponents in the monster war.

monster buster hero mod apk

protect the kingdom

The castle where you and your heroes stand is the only place to defend the kingdom. So this war will decide your fate and the country behind it. If you fail, you and everything you’ve built over the years will be destroyed by hordes of monsters. You must unite with the brave princess to take on great responsibilities. Only by cooperating with those who oppose you can you defeat evil. Remember, your mission is to destroy the monster enemies and the entire kingdom. Strengthen your kingdom’s castle defenses and stop the demons from attacking your kingdom.

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monster buster hero mod

When they gathered many monsters to attack, they showed their determination to destroy the entire kingdom. All attention is on the brave princess and fighting hero. This line of defense determines the future of a kingdom and cannot be destroyed by monsters. And you must join the princess of the kingdom, collect powerful heroes to fight. They will be a brave force, giving you more strength to fight the monsters ahead. Your fighting career is not only for the castle but also for the peaceful kingdom behind it. Download the Monster Breaker Hero mod and join your heroes to destroy waves of monsters.

Download Monster Breaker Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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