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Meet Monette Dias, who has been married 11 times in her life so far. She is one of the four casts of TLC’s new show “Addicted To Marriage.” So, to learn more about her, scroll down this Monette Dias Wiki.

Here, we cover her age, birthday, information on her parents, her ex-husbands, and her children.

Monette Dias On Addicted To Marriage

TLC premiered a new reality show “Addicted To Marriage” and you already know by the title of the show, the casts are indeed addicted to marriages. The title fits the Utah native Monette Dias more than anyone as she has been married 11 times as of 2021. She is hoping to find her next partner who will be number twelve. People are stunned how she was able to get 11 men pop questions when a lot of people can’t even get married once.

Monette shared the secret to “The Post” that she grew up in a “very Christian” family where sex wasn’t allowed before marriage. So to get that she had married. She said, “I would be dating a guy for a couple of months, and when you can’t have sex they’re like, ‘Oh, let’s get married.’”

Despite the end of 11 marriages, Monette clarified that she very much believes in love and she did believe that every single one of her ex-husbands was the one. She said she falls in love easily.

Monette Dias Ex-Husbands

Well, after hearing all this we would enjoy the list of men Monette Dias was married to if possible, but it isn’t because she hasn’t shared any information. However, she revealed her shortest marriage lasted just six weeks whereas the longest marriage lasted 10 years. By 2011, she was preparing to marry a new guy, her eleventh husband.

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There is a blog where friends and even Monette had shared a few details about her life. In the part Moving On, her 11th husband (supposedly) had decided to get Monette’s ex-husbands to come to be on the groomsmen line. But it was all jokes. He also shared that he would rant about the things that her 11th husband had heard and not just for Monette but her children too,

Monette and her 11th husband knew each other for over 15 years and based on what he wrote, they mistreated her in horrific ways and Monette is often considered the sweetest person ever. He said, “I am speechless to how someone could treat her the way that they did and still have the nerve to refer to themselves as a man.”

Furthermore, he shared he felt sorry for those who make her an easy target because of her past.

Monette even got to talk to one of her ex-husbands to attend the wedding and he shared that he had to check on his new wife first. On the part Updates On Groomsmen, her 11th husband wrote, “This is a little discouraging though because now that’s not just 8 ex-husbands but if all of them are married we are going to have to try to get their wives on board with the deal too.”

To make the 11th marriage a charm, Monette and her husband tried to do everything right. They married on 11 November 2011 (11-11-11) at 11:00 AM. Her 11th husband had plans to have 11 groomsmen whereas Monette had 11 bridesmaids. You can read more about it here.

Does Monette Dias Have Kids?

Yes, even though Monette Dias had 11 marriages, she only had four kids out of them. She is a mother of three sons Bryson Winn, Brady Toller, and Bryan Toller, and a daughter named Mercedes Lord. Allegedly, she had these four kids from four different marriages.

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Monette’s oldest of four children is 34 years old Bryant Toller. He is a father of three children; two daughters and a son.

Brady, the second to the oldest is 31 years old. He lives in Salt Lake City who attended Hurricane High School and studied at Healing Mountain Massage School. He married Casey Toller and has two kids. Daughter Mercedes Lord is the second child. She turned 28 years old in 2021. She lives in Bountiful, Utah, and has been working as a Registered Respiratory Therapist at Intermountain Medical Center since 2018.

And the youngest of the brood is Bryson Winn who turned 21 years old in 2021. He has an interest in getting into the jewelry business and he joined the army. He got certified by Seiko and Bulova University.

What Is Monette Dias Relationship Status Now?

Monette Dias’s most recent relationship that lasted for over a year was with one John Bloemker. They appeared together for the first time in New Year 2019. Then he started making frequent appearances that. By June of 2019, they were already engaged. She even posted a photo of her engagement on her Facebook.

In June 2019, when Monette engaged to her alleged ex-fiance John (Pic: Facebook)

Monette and John were spotted together on her Facebook in June 2020 and he never appeared again. This suggested the end of their engagement.

In October 2021, Monette shared a snap of a new man, possibly her new beau. Many people in the comment section noted that the handsome guy looked like her dad. But the relationship was never confirmed.

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Monette Dias Age

Monette Dias was 52 years old in Nov 2021. She celebrated her birthday on 12 May.

Monette Dias Job

According to the LinkedIn profile of Monette Dias, she has been working as an Independent Sales Consultant for Factory Homes Outlet since January 2000. She also worked as Home Consultant for Clayton Homes for a year and a half. She worked as Managing Director/Designer at Home Fabrics and Rugs for 10 months from 2013-2014.

  • Where Is Monette Dias From?

Monette Dias hailed from Utah, United States. She lost her father, who was a police officer, in an accident when she was only 15. In 2021, 39 years have passed since her father died. She credited her Weber High school’s English teacher Lynette Atkinson who saved her life in that school.

Her mother appeared on her FB for the last time in 2018. Her health condition and whereabouts remain obscure.

Speaking of her siblings, Monette also has a sister named Marcie Peterson.

  • How Tall Is Monette Dias?

Monette Dias stands tall to the height, not more than 5 feet 7 inches.

  • Is Monette Dias On Instagram?

Yes, Monette Dias is on Instagram as well as Facebook. Her IG handle is (@monettedias) and you can follow her on Facebook in (@monette.dias).

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