Miss Thailand at Miss Universe A dress made of trash, people say – you did it

Miss Universe Thailand: Miss Thailand’s dress made everyone cry. Beautiful Anna Bala in a glittery dress made from cans picked up from the trash.

Miss Thailand steals the hearts of people wearing beautiful dresses made from garbage

Image source: Instagram/@missuniverse.in.th

Miss Universe 2023: During the Miss Universe 2023 event Miss Thailand 2022 Anna Suengum (Anna Suenggam She walked down the ramp in such a dress that took everyone by surprise.In fact, her dress shined. like a diamond not decorated with silk, gold or silver wire, but she is a dress made from cans collected from trash.The appearance of Miss Thailand is attracting attention on social networks.

Everyone’s eyes widened when they saw Miss Thailand’s dress. Anna Bala looks beautiful in a pretty dress made of cans. However, the middle part of the zipper is also encrusted with Swarovski diamonds, adding to the charm of the dress. Some people even called Miss Thailand the “trash can beauty queen” after seeing this dress made from recycled trash. However, these things no longer mattered to Anna.

This is a video of Miss Thailand made from tab scissors

Say that Anna’s father is a rag picker and her mother cleans the streets and runs the family. As for everyone’s comments, Anna said instead of thinking about how you were born in the house, focus on the power you have to change your destiny. Anna may have participated in the ‘National Costume’ of the Miss Universe pageant.

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Specifically, this Miss Universe 2023 beauty pageant will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, where the winner will be crowned by the reigning Miss Universe India, Harnaj Sandhu. Divita Rai was among 86 women representing India at the 71st Miss Universe pageant.

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