Mini crosswords with answers: July 17, 2023

Jagran Josh Mini Crossword is a fun and challenging way to increase your knowledge and cognitive skills. We cover a wide range of topics including Common Sense, Static GK, Indian and World Geography, History, Government, Economics, Science and Technology, Sports and English Vocabulary. Each mini crossword contains a series of clues. Look at the crossword suggestions, or you can also use resources like a dictionary or thesaurus to find the answer.

Studies have confirmed that crossword puzzles help expand your vocabulary, increase your confidence, and stimulate your thinking skills. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, people who regularly solve crossword puzzles experience brain shrinkage and improvements in cognitive skills.

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Small crossword: July 17, 2023

Solve this mini crossword using the clues below:

Up there:

1. Use ambiguous language, especially to deceive or mislead someone. (10 letters)

3. Also known as the Indian antelope. (9 letters)


2. The sixth planet from the Sun. (6 letters)

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Mini crossword with answers: July 17, 2023

Check out the answers to the mini crossword below:

answer crosswords

Up there:

1. ambiguous

3. Blackbuck


2. Saturn

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