Mike Butler Bio, Age, Net Worth, HGTV Fix My Frankenhouse

Stunning homes with whimsical fixtures and stunning redesigns? new hgtv series fix my frankenhouse is exactly what you need to see. And new recruits to the network, Mike and Denese Butler, might also help with their skills in transforming the home into an eventual frankenhouse.

In the rest of the text, let us tell you all about Mike, his age, net worth, fix my frankenhouse traveling with his wife Denese and more.

Mike Butler on HGTV fix my frankenhouse

For the last year, Mike Butler and his wife Denese Butler have been filming fix my frankenhouse with High Noon Entertainment, the same production company that created it The upper part of the fixer. with Chip and Joanna Gaines and multiple hit series for HGTV, including Jonathan Knight farmhouse repairmanStarsiak Mine Falcon good bones, favorable block with Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, and Houses that cannot be sold with twin sisters Lyndsey Lamb and Leslie Davis.

HGTV discovered the couple via Instagram. In a social media post, Denese also discussed other production companies that approached her for a TV show in 2019. They chose HGTV because they thought she aligned with her visions and goals. And it took three full years of planning to develop the series.

Recently, while promoting the series, Denese even stated that she felt like she was 11 months pregnant, from start to finish. She said that the six houses that were being renovated felt like they were giving birth to “sixteen.”

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However, she also modestly stated that she and Mike couldn’t have done any of this without the key players who helped them throughout their work on BTS.

fix my frankenhouse The premiere is on April 23, 2023.

Denese and Mike Butler’s relationship

Denese and Mike Butler have been husband and wife since April 21, 2012. Since then, Denese has never stopped being head over heels in love with her “white man.” Clearly even he feels the same way.

Reflecting on their journey together, Denese also recounted how in 2005 she ran up and down the stairs screaming at the top of her voice “for this white man” after they met. Such memories, she said, she will treasure forever.

Here’s another fun fact Denese decided to tell her people on social media: “he (Mike) thinks he met me when I had colorful hair and a shaved head design 🤷🏽‍♀️ he got it all wrong!” Also, from what she told, it seems that she and Mike went to Brooklyn Bridge Park for their first date in 2010.

One also can’t help but be in awe of this couple raising their three young children while moving house in the Boston area. They have three children. Ellis turned 5 on April 6, 2022. The second, Félix, turned 4 on March 27, 2023. And Luca, the youngest, met his family on October 16, 2021.

Both Mike and his wife are often asked how they do everything, especially renovations, with three young children. And they responded each time with “it takes a town and a lot of Jesus.”

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mike butler age

Mike Butler was born in 1984. So in 2022, he turned 38 years old.

Mike Butler’s parents

Mike Butler was born into a family of several generations of builders and artists in the construction business. Throughout his childhood, he said, his father, John M Butler, took him to the workplace.

Ivan the patriarch turned 67 in March 2023. He mentions on Facebook that he is an owner/carpenter in Newfield Carpentry. Here he also listed his second job as field operations supervisor at Consigli Construction Co., Inc. He also studied once at Lowell Technological Institute and Lexington High School in Lexington.

Next, we have Irene Butler. She is Mike’s mother and is still married to John. Born in October 1958, the matriarch previously studied horticulture at Algonquin College, clinical assisting/phlebotomy at Career Canada College, and ultrasound at Middlesex Community College Bedford MA.

Then in his family, Mike has three sisters. One of them is Tania Menice and it appears that she currently works as a Lead Field Engineer / Support Escalation Engineer at Microsoft. Shelly Grenier, on the other hand, appears to have been living in Gloucester, Massachusetts while she was married with two young children. And finally, there’s Sarah Butler Moylan from Easthampton, Massachusetts. She is married to Dan Moylan and was a teacher by profession at Westhampton Elementary School.

How much is Mike Butler’s net worth?

Mike Butler reportedly had a net worth of over $700K as of April 2023.

A former student at the New York Institute of Technology works at A perfect bullet, an architecture, engineering and design firm probably founded by him and his wife. At that time, the company had 12 employees. Mike’s job here is to be the mastermind. Like a mad scientist, most of the time he has to completely reconfigure floor plans to make room for whatever the client wants, all while maintaining the curb appeal.

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Since college, Mike has specialized in design-build projects in every way possible, from smaller jobs to major construction in Manhattan to the completion of the Gillette Stadium expansion.

Mike Butler’s height

Mike Butler is 5’9″.

  • Is Mike Butler on Instagram and Facebook?

You can find Mike, whose full name is Michael, on Instagram and Facebook. As of April 3, 2023, his IG @thehandybutler included 85 posts and 530 followers. However, he seemed just as active on his ‘Michael Butler’ Facebook.

  • When is Mike Butler’s birthday?

Mike Butler’s birthday is September 10, which makes him a Virgo.

  • Where is Mike Butler from?

Originally, Mike Butler hails from Jersey City, New Jersey. However, as of 2023, he was living in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

It is rumored that Mike, along with his family, moved from Jersey City to be closer to family.

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