MH370 True Story: 7 Details The Documentary Leaves Out

Netflix’s Latest Documentary MH370: missing plane, The mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is dug into, but not as much information as it should have been. Where the plane went and why it disappeared has remained a mystery for nearly a decade. A new Netflix documentary proves that people are still determined to find the answers, even as time goes on, things get harder. The documentary features the families of some of the victims, as well as authority figures such as former Malaysia Airlines crisis chief and author Jeff Wise, who was heavily invested in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines. plane.

Wise has a lot of interesting theories, as well as several others in the documentary. However, most theories are not based on evidence, and many shared theories are just conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, the Netflix documentary doesn’t cover much, and if it did, the series would have a lot more to offer. For example, Wise theorized that pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah was responsible for the flight’s disappearance, while others shared theories about Russian involvement or US government interference. However, there hasn’t been any concrete evidence, especially from the Netflix documentary.

7 MH370 documentary ignores the role of the Malaysian government

this MH370 The documentary delves into various aspects of the story, but one key component it omits is the role of the Malaysian government. The Netflix documentary shows the frustration of people waiting for answers, but all the theories it proposes never fully permeate the Malaysian government. While some conspiracy theorists might make a crazy theory about how the government planned the whole thing, the Netflix documentary offers a more plausible perspective on why. The government offers few answers for those desperate to reunite with their families. The family on the plane and why they hide it

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British private satellite company Inmarsat found that MH370 had veered off course, heading towards Vietnam instead of continuing north. The Malaysian government learned of the information from its military radar but did not make it public until a week after the plane went missing, prompting searchers to search for the plane in the wrong area. The government may be trying to keep citizens calm so it doesn’t look bad after a plane crash. It would be interesting to watch a Netflix documentary on this topic.

6 documentaries that don’t dig into mysterious phone calls

Call From MH370 Netflix Documentary

In a scene from the Netflix documentary, Jiang Hui, son of an MH370 passenger, mentions that while he was waiting for an answer, a girl ran up to him, revealing that she was receiving it. call from his father, who is on the plane. Unfortunately, when she tried to pick up the phone, the bell stopped ringing. Hsu explained that he and many others tried to call their loved ones, connect and ring, but the government told them they didn’t have the technology to investigate further. Unfortunately, the story ends there, and despite being one of the funniest and most confusing things mentioned, the documentary doesn’t explore it any further. It also concerns the Malaysian government’s lack of efforts to determine what happened to MH370.

5 It omits Captain Ahmad Shah .’s credentials and motives

Captain Zaharie from MH370

One theory highlighted in the Netflix documentary is that it stars Captain Zaharie Ahmed Shah. Wise delved into the theory, arguing that the most plausible possibility was that Zaharie planned the whole thing as a mass murder-suicide. Although there is no evidence that he was involved, Wise’s theory seems most realistic. The documentary briefly touches on Zaharie’s possible motives, such as political motives and past mental health struggles, but leaves many out. Instead, the film interviews his family, who have nothing but positive things to say about him. Of course, this is completely misleading and even if they knew something, they would probably cover for Zaharie.

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Many people close to the captain testified that he admitted to feeling lonely and sad. For example, his marriage was not good, he had an affair with a flight attendant many times, she all knew. This information is not enough to reach a consensus that Zaharie is behind the disappearance of MH370, but a closer look at his personal life may support Wise’s theory more than what is found in the series. documentary about MH370.

4 It doesn’t include Chris Goodfellow’s theory

Image from Netflix's documentary on the disappearance of Flight MH370

For all the intrigue that the Netflix documentary presents, it omits something very interesting from Chris Goodfellow, who had 20 years of experience as a pilot at the time MH370 went missing. The best thing about Goodfellow’s theory is that it doesn’t fall into the trap of corruption or accuse anyone of malice without proof. The pilot thought there might be a fire in the cockpit and the plane was diverted to make an emergency landing on the 13,000-foot runway on Langkawi Island.

Goodfellow believes the fire may have melted power lines, releasing cyanide gas and rendering people unconscious. Although this is just a theory like all the others in the MH370 documentary and there is very little evidence of its truth, it is certainly an interesting theory to be explored in the future. documentary film.

3 Except for Dr. Schalk Lückhoff’s Fragment Discovery

MH370 debris

When it comes to the wreckage of MH370, this documentary delves into the wreckage mission completed by Blaine Gibson. However, there is another story about a South African doctor named Dr Schalk Lückhoff who came across debris in Mossel Bay in December 2016. Lückhoff said he ignored the debris when he first came across it. first saw it because the rotten mussels clinging to it had a very unpleasant odor. . Rückhof does not appear in the documentary, nor does his encounter with the wreckage.

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Excluding 2 contributions by Richard Godfrey

MH370 researcher Richard Godfrey

Richard Godfrey, who also studies MH370 extensively, is not mentioned in the documentary. Unfortunately, the MH370 documentary doesn’t delve into the information that has surfaced in recent years, like everything Godfrey has investigated. For example, Godfrey believes he has located MH370 in the Indian Ocean, where many others believe the plane has landed. He also believes in the murder-suicide theory that Wise presents in the documentary. With all his research, he could have provided a lot of information to deliver a Netflix documentary, but sadly he was left out.

1 MH370 documentary does not give specific answers


MH370: The missing plane There are many theories about what could have happened, but unfortunately, no concrete answer has been given. While it’s interesting to explore what might have happened, viewers are still faced with the same questions as the documentary begins. Of course, no one can prove what really happened to MH370, but the Netflix documentary doesn’t provide much clarity. Even the most plausible theories about Zaharie’s involvement do not provide enough information for viewers to conclude that he may have caused the plane to go missing.

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