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When we were young, everyone had a dream, which was to travel around the world on their own plane. Merge Planes Empire will make your childhood dream come true. Here, you are the owner of a trillion dollar business with hundreds of airplanes of different designs. Then you can go to any country you want on this planet. At first, an experienced pilot showed up to give basic instructions in a cloud-shaped chat bubble. He wears a brown hood and has a white beard. Smileys provides players with dedicated tutorials for easy access to how to play.

Starting with a few modest planes, there are also classic ones. Your task seems to be very simple that is to control the structure of the aircraft and check the parts of the plane. Above the image is a charcoal green airport with an oval flight path. Lanes are marked with white dotted lines with stops at the end of turns marked on either side. Give the player some gold coins with an airplane symbol on them. First, use it to buy the most basic plane, which comes in two colors red and white. The actual number of the aircraft is written on the tail and wings to make it easy for players to keep track of the number. Complete the mission be given.

Download Merge Planes Empire mod – own hundreds of planes and own trillion businesses

If only the game revolved around buying more planes, combining and racing. This quickly gets boring for players. Therefore, Coplanar Empire has created many new functions and modes to attract and stimulate players more. Interestingly, the game allows the player to merge two planes into a new engine. The prediction of the next flight also fuels your curiosity. By combining two identical planes. The player creates a finished product that is completely unrelated to the old one. The new finished product will definitely have better looks, engines and speeds than the old version.

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merge android plane empire

30 airplane models

With a wealth of super aircraft, this manufacturer has launched the largest number of fighter models on the market. Players can trust and try to get the rarest version. Players can also use gold and gems to buy valuable components to equip their planes. Simple propeller plane model with red and yellow exhaust. A moss green military aircraft with two wings, like two wings of an eagle. The charcoal purple plane has a forward propeller engine. Yellow lightning bolt symbol on wings and fuselage. Bluebird wing simulator with two rocket launchers on each wing.

Merge Airplane Empire mode

buy an airplane

The requirement of Merge Planes Empire is to have 2 identical planes to merge. Therefore, if during the fusion process, the player does not have 2 identical planes, they can be purchased in the shop. Or maybe you want to create a more spooky version that requires the top-level source plane. Prepare a lot of money and precious purple diamonds. Go into the store and choose the right plane, the speed is fast and you can earn money after running a big lap. After placing the order, a propeller cargo plane arrived with a large crate. There’s an airplane icon on the outside, and when you open it, it’s the plane you bought.

fused plane empire apk

airport expansion

Because each plane in “Empire of Planes” will stop at a certain position and square. It doesn’t start well, there are only four seats for players to park the plane. After becoming rich and having more new planes, the player needs to provide more parking space for the planes to put them on the flight path. Click on the purple square and the plus sign above it. Provide the desired amount of coins and gems. Just like that, it opens up a lot of places to turn your garage into a giant airplane port. Earn tons of money and stuff to make your business the most famous in the area.

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airplane empire apk merge

Merge Planes Empire also provides support keys for maximum benefit. For example, the speed x2 key has a red vase shape. Click on the speed button, the plane running on this route will double speed in 3 minutes. In addition, there is a gallery with a red airplane icon. Click here to track your lost and owned aircraft. Players will be rewarded with valuable items after boarding at new levels. Download the Merge Planes Empire mod with a trillion dollar airplane business.

Download Merge Planes Empire MOD APK for Android (Free Shopping)

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