Meet Lynda Pohl, TikToker Xandra Pohl Mom! Age, Job

TikToker Alexandra, popularly known as Xandra, has captured the attention of fans around the world with her make-up videos for more personal and relatable content. Still relatively new to the content creation game, Xandra has so far entertained 757.2K followers and 31.7M likes on her @xandrapohl TikTok account.

Xandra recently explained to E! that she has been blessed with a “great” support system in life: friends, family, and boyfriend. Whenever she feels overwhelmed, she says that she can come to them and everything gets better. Therefore, in this text we will describe in detail who her mother is.

Meet Lynda Pohl, TikToker Xandra Star Mom

Lynda Pohl is the one who TikToker Xandra introduces to her fans online from time to time, saying, “If you think I’m dramatic, you should meet my mom.”

Xandra also showed off her mom to her TikTok followers when she took her to beautiful Dubai.

Let’s get to know her better in the rest of the text.

Lynda Pohl husband and children

Lynda Pohl has been married to her husband, Gregory “Greg” Pohl, for more than 25 years.

Gregory is a leading General and Cosmetic Dentist, DDS, who has long lent his skills and experience to care for patients in his private practice. Whey Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, in Crescent Springs, Kentucky. He says he is passionate about improving every patient’s smile and that his greatest reward is transforming a patient’s dental health through treatment and education and restoring and enhancing the confidence they have in their smile.

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Gregory also likes to introduce himself as an alumnus of The Ohio State University School of Dentistry and a Nobel Biocare partner for Implant Dentistry. He turned 61 in August 2022.

She and Gregory have three children together: Connor, 23, a successful businessman in Miami, Alexandra, 21, a University of Miami senior and DJ, and Cameron, 19, who attends CU Boulder and plays college football and soccer. academic. The family was also joined by three companion dogs, two golden retrievers, Khaki and Cashmere, and an English retriever, Cairo.

Since February 2023, Lynda’s son Connor has been working full-time as a business development manager at Recycling lane systems. In 2021, she completed graduate studies in microbiology and immunology with minors in economics and chemistry at the University of Miami.

Alexandra, on the other hand, is an aspiring marketer and business student at the University of Miami. On her LinkedIn, she is known as a fun-loving, hard-working individual who is ready to take her career to the next level. Of course, she also bragged about her diverse experience in social media marketing and the entertainment industry. During her first year at the University of Miami School of Business, she also said that she is very excited to see where these great opportunities will take her.

In one of her recent TikTok videos, Xandra also gave us some teasing insight into her family’s chronic travel woes. Then, as he introduced each member of his family, he gave them a label that their mom is the one who is always yelling at the others to move faster, their dad keeps buying snacks that nobody wants, one of their brothers, the Mr. Knowitall is always telling everyone what to do, and so on.

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Is Lynda Pohl on Instagram and Facebook?

Lynda Pohl could be found showing snippets of her life on her Facebook ‘Lynda Dehler Pohl’. She did not have an Instagram account until now.

Lynda Pohl Age

Lynda Pohl was born in 1964. So, in 2023, she turned 59 years old.

What is Lynda Pohl’s maiden name?

Lynda Pohl’s maiden name is Dehler. So, before changing it to her husband’s last name, she called herself Lynda Pohl. Still, even today, Lynda occasionally appears as Lynda Dehler Pohl.

Lynda Pohl’s work

Professionally, Lynda Pohl has been a full-time licensed real estate broker for over two decades. She has experience in the design, reform, construction, decoration of houses and rental of houses. At the time of writing this article, she owned and operated 25 units. She personally purchased and renovated resale properties, resulting in the sale of the highest priced home to date in Oakley and two other properties selling in the top 1% of her neighborhood.

According to its BIO on the website sibcycline.comhe also has LEED and CPA certification experience for City of Cincinnati tax abatement.

How much is Lynda Pohl’s net worth?

Lynda Pohl reportedly had a net worth of over $1 million as of March 2023.

Lynda is also a member of Multiple Listing Services, the Cincinnati Area REALTORS Board, the Ohio Association of REALTORS, and the National Association of REALTORS. Her other special interests include travel, college soccer, FC Cincinnati, and cooking.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Dayton School of Business Administration (1982-1986). Prior to that, she also attended Oldham County High School and Clarence High School.

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  • When is Lynda Pohl’s birthday?

Lynda Pohl’s birthday is in March.

  • Where is Lynda Pohl from?

Lynda Pohl has lived in Cincinnati for the past 36 years. Before that, she lived in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • Who are the parents of Lynda Pohl?

At the time of writing, it was unclear who Lynda Pohl’s parents were. However, we did learn a few things about the in-laws from her.

His mother, the late Alberta J. (Schmitmeyer) Pohl, is no more. A father-in-law, Leroy Pohl, still survives in West Chester. Additionally, her husband Gregory grew up with her siblings Lynda Pohl of Cincinnati, Randy and Melissa Pohl of Cincinnati, and Robert Pohl of Greensville, South Carolina.

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