Meet Jim Phelan, Vicky Phelan Husband! His Age, Job

Some divorces as just circumstances. Take a look at the late activist Vicky Phelan. Despite breaking up with her husband Jim Phelan, the two stayed together for the sake of their children.

But who is Vicky’s husband? Discover everything about her work and years in the rest of this article.

Meet Jim Phelan, Vicky Phelan’s husband

Jim Phelan and Vicky Phelan ended their marriage in 2017. According to the campaign manager, no one else was involved in their decision to split, they just “broke up.” She added: “Nobody had an affair. It’s just the circumstances.”

Explaining further, Vicky said, “There really was a lot thrown at us during our married life. The s** didn’t hit fans within six months of the wedding when my pregnancy went wrong and we’ve been fighting about stuff ever since and you can’t keep doing that. You just can’t.

The divorce came after Vicky was first diagnosed with cancer. But before she returned years later, they felt the children had been through enough and decided to live as a family, but not as a couple. “We decided that the children have enough on their plate without their parents being separated, but we are no longer together as a couple,” she explained.

Surprisingly, they got along as friends and life was even better; especially for your children. And why not? Nobody did anything wrong! The activist also admitted that if they did not agree, the organization would not work or be healthy, but she is happy that they made the decision before she returned her cancer.

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“It’s good that we sorted everything out before everything happened last year because it would have been a lot harder to do it in public view. We had already made that decision before my cancer came back,” she added.

Unfortunately, this fighter who exposed the cervical cancer screening scandal passed away in November 2022, at the age of 48.

“It is with an enormous burden of sadness that we say our last goodbye to our beloved Vicky today. She was the heart and soul of our family unit and her passing will leave a void in all of our lives that is impossible to fill at this time. We cherish the memories of a loving wife, mother, daughter, and sister, whose ability to cope with life’s struggles inspired not only us, but the entire nation,” Jim and his children wrote in a dedication to their beloved deceased soul.

For those of you who don’t know, Vicky was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. But it seems the doctors misdiagnosed her and no one told her until 2017. A year later she found out the cancer was terminal.

Of course, he sued the hospital and won an agreement of 2.5 million euros.

Vicky and Jim Phelan’s children

Jim and Vicky Phelan have two children named Amelia and Darragh Phelan. They were born on August 30, 2005 or February 27, 2011.

According to Vicky, dying was not a problem. Rather, it was the idea of ​​leaving her children. “That’s what breaks my heart,” she added.

“I know that the day will come that will be my last day. My last sunrise, my last summer,” she continued. And then I’ll be calm. My ashes will be scattered in the water, on the silver sand of the beach. in Doughmore”, the activist was moved.

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Additionally, during a clinical trial in Maryland, he missed Amelia’s 16th birthday when he vowed not to miss another birthday due to treatment. “It’s something I’m not ready to sacrifice anymore. These moments and opportunities are too precious,” she added.

Unfortunately, Amelia’s 17th was the last one she could celebrate.

Here is Amelia’s IG @ameliaphelan.

Trivia: For Mother’s Day 2021, Vicky received fresh flowers from her two children.

Jim Phelan Age

Jim Phelan was born on February 25, 1973. That makes him 49 years old in 2022; one year older than Vicky.

Based on his birthday, Jim belongs to the Pisces zodiac.

Jim Phelan’s Business

Jim Phelan was a reserved man. But reports said that he was a professor of economics at the University of Limerick.

On the other hand, his late wife Vicky spent the rest of her life exposing the HSE, which outsourced screening to unapproved laboratories in the UK and US, was unable to monitor them and had an inadequate system for responding to complaints. detection errors.

His actions, particularly his failure to sign a confidentiality agreement at that particular time outside the steps of the high court, will long live in memory as an example of someone who defied the system and normal convention.

Is Jim Phelan on Instagram?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find her on Instagram.

But here is Vicky’s IG @vickyphelanofficial, Twitter @phelanvickyand Facebook @vickyjkphelan.

  • Where is Jim Phelan from?

Jim comes from Limerick, Ireland. Possible relatives of him are John Phelan, David Phelan and Orla Phelan.

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As for his in-laws, they are: Clarken John and Gaby Kelly.

His stepfather, Clarken, worked as “Store-All Logistics.” In April 2022, he turned 69 and finally retired from work.

While she was Jim’s mother-in-law, Gaby worked at Kromberg & Schubert. She was born in Kilkenny, Ireland and attended Presentation Convent Waterford.

  • How tall is Jim Phelan?

Jim is over 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall.

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