Meet Jason Wilhelm, 90 Day Fiance Amanda Wilhelm Husband!

The 6th season of 90 Day Fiance’s spin-off, Before the 90, features seven new couples and one returning couple. The relationship between Amanda Wilhelm and Razvan Ciocoi. is one of the most interesting stories this season and viewers are in for it.

Amanda Wilhelm, who lost her husband Jason Wilhelm in 2022 to ampullary cancer, found her new love in a 26-year-old Romanian man named Razvan through a live stream challenge on TikTok.

We will talk about Amanda’s deceased husband Jason Wilhelm in the Wiki article below.

90 Day Fiance: Meet Jason Wilhelm, Amanda Wilhelm Late Husband

During Amanda’s segment in Episode 1 of 90 Days Before S6, viewers saw her preparing to fly all the way to Romania to meet Razvan, who she thinks is the love of her life.

However, the journey to Romania did not go as smoothly as Amanda planned it to be as she was met with some resistance from her sister, who felt that she was moving too quickly after the loss of her husband. 90 Day Fiance star was married to her husband Jason for 8 years before he passed away in March 2022.

Not only Amanda’s sister, but many of the viewers tuning to the premiere felt the same way. “This girl needs counseling. Not a foreign national,” one viewer wrote.

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Despite her sister’s obstruction, Amanda did leave the US to visit Razvan in Romania.

Razvan is an actor and model by profession. That is the first major red flag in Amanda and Razvan’s relationship as the former is not okay with her love being in the entertainment business. She also can’t digest the fact that her beau has shared kissing scenes with other women in his work.

It’s not only Amanda’s sister who thinks that Amanda might be going into this relationship too quickly after the loss of her husband, but it’s Amanda herself too.

Amanda acknowledged her hesitance in flying across the world to be with her boyfriend.  “I’m opening myself up to Razvan, and it’s scary. Because, what if he’s not the person that he shows me, you know, through the phone? What if he’s totally different?,” Amanda said during Episode 1.

Jason Wilhelm And Amanda Wilhelm Children

Amanda described the deceased Jason as a jokester who loved to make people laugh while taking great care of his wife and two kids. When Jason died, Amanda waited three days to tell her kids about the passing away of their dad.

The couple had two kids, a son, Jason Wilhelm Jr., and a daughter, Aleena Wilhelm. On March 21, 2023, Amanda posted a video clip compiling all the wonderful moments between Jason and his daughter Aleena to her Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, “I hope my daughter always remembers the great man her dad was and looks to him as an example of what to expect from any man that enters her life.”

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Aleena Wilhelm turned 7 years old on July 1, 2022.

Although we do knot know much about Jason Jr, he was reportedly only 5 years old in January 2021.

In case you did not know, Jason also had two daughters from his previous relationship. Their names are Jaylie and Maleah. One time, Jaylie and Maleah’s mother also bashed Jason in her blog.

Jason Wilhelm Cause Of Death

Amanda Wihelm’s husband Jason died of ampullary cancer. Before he was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal ampullary cancer throughout his body, he felt like he had pneumonia or “something in his chest.”

Jason passed away only 10 days after the diagnosis, although the doctors had said that Jason would’ve lived for three months in the best-case scenario.

As per the City of Hope, ampullary cancer is developed into a small opening called the ampulla of Vater, where the bile and pancreatic ducts meet and then empty into the small intestine.

How Old Was Jason Wilhelm At The Time Of His Death?

Jason Wilhelm passed away on March 19, 2022. He was 45 years old at the time of his death.

Jason Wilhelm Parents

Jason Wilhelm’s parents are Paul Miller and Judy Wilhelm Miller.

Jason’s father, born in October 1959, was 63 years old as of this writing.

Judy Miller, Jason’s mother, worked as a manager at Gulfarium Destin, Fort Walton. She went to Sunnyside High School. Judy had a Third Degree Black belt in Thai Kwon Do in Martial Arts.

Other family members include brothers Tom Mintz, Jon Jackson, and sister Alicia Anderson.

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Jason Wilhelm Job

While we have no information as to what Jason did as a job, we do know that his widowed wife is an aspiring fitness influencer. She often shares pictures from her workout sessions and diet routine on Instagram.

As of June 2023, she had made a net worth of under $250 thousand.

  • When Was Jason Wilhelm Birthday?

Jason Wilhelm used to celebrate his birthday on the 6th of May when he was alive.

  • Where Was Jason Wilhelm From?

Jason Wilhelm hailed from Florida.

  • Was Jason Wilhelm On Facebook?

Jason Wilhelm had no online presence. However, his widowed wife Amanda is on Facebook @jasonamanda.wilhelm. You can also find Amanda on Instagram @amanda.wilhelm_ and on TikTok @redflag.amanda.

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