Meet Jake Sareini, Summer Homayed Husband! His Age, Job

Discovery Channel’s newest Survive the Raft sees nine contestants set sail on a ship called the Acali II for 21 days. The group of strangers has to live and work together in the social experiment designed by the show’s makers. Summer Homayed, a trained chef, who we are going to talk about now, is one of the contenders on the show.

A self-described loud, fierce, and brutally honest, with unending energy, Summer claims of doing everything she does with utmost passion and determination. This of course also includes her marriage. As it turns out she is doing as great in her marriage. She has been married to Jake Sareini and we are here to talk about him.

Meet Jake Sareini, Chef Summer Homayed Husband

Chef Summer Homayed and her husband Jake Sareini are used to celebrating their birthday on the 6th of December. Last year (2022) when they did that, Jake had taken to social media to gush about how he and his wife after so many years found out they share the shame anniversary date with their best friends of almost 50 years.

So, like that, Jake and Summer can be seen mentioning each other on their respective social media every now and then. In October of that year, for instance, Summer humorously wrote next to a video clip “He can’t do life without me! 😂” that she posted on IG @summers_homemade_meals.

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Other times, we have also heard her tell “I am so proud of my husband!”.

Jake indeed is very loving and supportive to his wife. Just in July 2023, he was seen inviting people to stay tuned to the show that is starring his “one and only crazy wife”, AKA “Summers Homemade Meals”.

Summer Homayed And Jake Sareini Kids

During the introduction of Survive the Raft, viewers were told Summer, with four sons and a daughter, knows what it is like to be the “mama bear” and protect what she loves. So, yes. Summer and Jake share five kids.

Their oldest son, who Summer refers to as her “oldest blood-born son”, turned 16 years old on 19 September 2022.

Back in May 2022, Jake had taken to the internet to show off a glimpse of “Dearborn Pioneer and now rookie Philadelphia Eagle Ali Fayad” chilling in the house with his boys.

Jake’s son, Joseph “Josef” Sareini, is a collegiate football player belonging to Dearborn High School Joseph’s football team. In 2021, he was a freshman year in high school and was dreaming to go to Michigan.

Jake and Summer also have been seen amid their field trips with their daughter.

Jake Sareini Age

Because Jake Sareini was born in 1969, he reached the age of 54 in 2022.

Jake Sareini Job

Not much is understood about Jake Sareini’s job/career. On his Facebook and LinkedIn, he just briefly mentioned having worked at USMC from 1989 until 199. He also cited going to Fordson High Tractors and working as a crewman/T/L at a place called Ford Motor Co.

Jake Sareini Height

Seemingly a fitness enthusiast Jake Sareini stands below 5’9” in height.

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Jake Sareini Family

Jake’s family has original roots in Palestine. As much as he tries to stay away he someway ends up talking about what’s been going on in Palestine, while trying to educate people to open their eyes and really understand. Yet, he has not revealed much about his family background.

Here are a few things we learned.

He has an aunt named Suzanne Sareini who all her life has been calling Dearborn, Michigan home. She went to Fordson High School and later in life started working in the “City of Dearborn”.

Jake’s cousins Mike Sareini, Ali Toufic Sareini, and Sam T. Sareini (Houssain) also seemed to be dwelling around Dearborn.

Back in April 2022, Jake also shared on FB, that he had an “absolute honor” pinning lieutenant bars on his nephew Mahdi Oseili as he got commissioned in the United States Army.

Speaking of the in-laws, Jake lost one of them, his “beloved beautiful so full of energy” brother-in-law, Habibi Hamee, in May 2022.

Also known to us are Jake’s mother-in-law Susie Homayed and father-in-law Esmaha Homayed. As of 2023, they both living in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. So, they were most probably still together and married until that time. Of these two, Esmaha reached the age of 75 in September 2022.

Summer, his wife, grew up with these people. She told the cameras on Survive the Raft that she grew up on a lake and so she is familiar with boating, fishing, and basic survival skills.

  • When Is Jake Sareini Birthday?

Jake Sareini is used to celebrating his birthday on April 30. So, that should make him a Taurus.

  • Where Is Jake Sareini From?

It seems Jake Sareini has always been based in Dearborn City in Wayne County in the U.S. state of Michigan. This place is the seventh-largest city in Michigan and is home to the largest Muslim population in the United States per capita. It is also known to be home to the largest mosque in North America.

  • Is Jake Sareini On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Jake Sareini can be found on IG @jsareini, where as of 2 August 2023 there were 1 post and 308 followers. Then, there was also a ‘Jake Sareini’ Facebook and ‘Jake Sareini’ YouTube channel.

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