Meet Jacob Fowler, Winter House Jessica Stocker Boyfriend!

Season 2 of The Winter House premiered on Bravo TV on October 13, 2022 and featured many newcomers, along with several reality TV veterans. Jessica Stocker was one of the newcomers to the show. As Jessica experienced romance on the show, many wondered what her love life would be like in real life. She doesn’t care about her anymore as she introduced her love for a day on her lifestyle vlog and also revealed her boyfriend’s name which is Jacob Fowler.

Find out all about Jacob Flower, from his relationship with the Winter Home star to his age, his job and more, in the article below.

Meet Jacob Fowler, boyfriend of Winter House star Jessica Stocker

As the Winter House star mentioned on her TikTok accounts, she is no longer single or in a relationship.

Earlier this month, she mentioned that she has a boyfriend for a day in her life vlog. In another video documenting his daily activities, he revealed that his name is Jacob.

In her latest video documenting her Thanksgiving celebration with friends, she showed her boyfriend helping her unclog a clogged sink. Later, in another post, she shared how Jacob helped with some construction work on the property that she was decorating.

Jessica Stocker shows off her boyfriend, Jacob Fowler, in a TikTok video.

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While we don’t know how long they’ve been together, since Jacob first appeared on Jessica’s TikTok feed in early November, we can say that their relationship is from scratch.

Speaking of Jessica Stocker, she came to Winter House via season one star Jason Cameron. She explained that Jason sent her the invitation to participate in the show via DM on Instagram.

In addition to being a reality star, Jessica is a Los Angeles-based Realtor, Investor, and Metaverse Entrepreneur. Jessica runs a real estate company, Blondes Building Equity, with her best friend Kinsey.

The two launched the company in May 2018. In addition to their core real estate business, Jessica and Kinsey also run a small YouTube channel where they provide insight into the real estate industry. The duo teamed up to work with Beverly Hills famed Keller Williams.

While Jessica sells real houses, she also sells virtual real estate in the metaverse.

As of November 2022, Jessica Stocker, whose IG is @jessicastocker_, had a net worth of over $400,000.

The Jacob Fowler era

According to our research, Jacob Fowler was 27 years old at the time of writing this article in 2022.

Jacob Fowler’s work

Jacob Fowler is a model and businessman by profession. As a model, he is signed to Aston Models.

The Montana native is also the owner of PLEXUS PREMIER GROUP, LLC, a Montana national limited liability company. Jacob founded the company in 2018.

Discussing Jacobs’ business specialties, he wrote on that his business team will help his clients attract new customers to their businesses. They also shared that they are “an aggressively growing social media service using the latest in-house software designed to grow followers and engagement.” Also, her services are known to help increase sales and overall site performance.

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Regarding the work of PLEXUS PREMIER GROUP, LLC, the business firm shared that they use automation, planning, audience growth, and data analytics to optimize their client engagement after understanding their vision, target audience, model business and goals.

Additionally, Jacob also holds the record for the largest largemouth bass catch in Montana. The bass weighed 7.4 pounds and was 21 inches long. According to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, the previous record was held by Melvin McDanold, who caught a smallmouth bass that weighed 6.7 pounds and measured 22.5 inches.

Jacob said at the time that while the fish he caught on May 2 was the biggest, he caught several largemouth bass in the 6-pound range.

According to, Jacob liked to fish in the Flathead River, below the Seli’š Ksanka Qlispe’ Dam (formerly known as Kerr Dam) and in the lake.

Is Jacob Fowler on Instagram?

Jacob Fowler is on Instagram @jacob_fowler, where he has nearly 42,000 followers. Although Jaco posts everything that happens in his life, some of his IG posts are from photo shoots that he has to do as a model.

In addition to Instagram, Jacob is also present on Twitter, where his username is @JacobTFowler. You can also find him on Facebook.

  • Where is Jacob Fowler from?

Jacob Fowler is originally from Polson, Montana.

  • When is Jacob Fowler’s birthday?

Jessica’s boyfriend, Jacob Fowler, celebrates his birthday every year on October 9. He was born in 1995.

  • How tall is Jacob Fowler?

Jacob Fowler is quite tall with a height of 6 feet 2 inches. He has blue-green eyes and light brown hair. Talking about his body measurements, he has a 42-inch chest, 32-inch waist, 32-inch inseam, and 15-inch neck. Also, his sleeve is 25 inches, his shoe size is 11.5, his jean size is 32, and his suit size is 40.

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