Meet Ian Anthony Dale Parents: Jack And Olga Dale!

Ian Anthony Dale, a proudly Asian-American actor, is of mixed race due to his parents; Jack and Olga Dale. Learn more about the Minnesota native in this article.

This article covers his age, job, and more.

Who are the parents of Ian Anthony Dale?

Ian Anthony Dale names Jack Dale and Olga Dale as his parents. According to an interview he gave, his parents met in Seattle, Washington, where his mother worked as a caretaker and his father played semi-pro hockey for the Seattle Totems.

He grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, and left the city for Madison at the age of 17. Discussing her upbringing in his hometown, he spoke with Mpls St. Paul.

Ian said: “I’m very lucky to have grown up in Minnesota, to have grown up in the Midwest because you have a different perspective on things. When you work in an industry that isn’t always friendly and honest, it’s so nice to have your roots in the Midwest. I always remember to be honest. No matter what environment you find yourself in, just try to be an example of kindness to everyone and respect for everyone. I wish it was more natural in our industry.”

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On the other hand, speaking of his parents, Ian said, “I speak a little Japanese… My mom is Japanese. She tried to teach me and my sister when we were very young… She was very hard to catch. As an adult, I took private lessons to try to learn the language. It is very difficult… [My mother] Olga [has] the name of a heavy German and she is a sweet little Japanese girl.

She concluded: “I think it suits her in demeanor and toughness and I think she’s proud of it…I was one of the few people of color in elementary school and also in high school…my siblings are all white. We all have the same father, but different mothers.”

Now Ian has built a lasting career. As of 2022, some of his notable works are Charmed, Surface, Day Break, The Event, Mortal Combat: Legacy, Murder in the First, Hawaii Five-0, The Walking Dead, and everyone stand up among others.

Meet Jack Dale, father of Ian Anthony Dale

Ian Anthony Dale calls Jack Dale his father. On Father’s Day 2018, he showed his father and son on his IG and wrote, “Three generations. I can’t think of a better way to spend my first #FathersDay than with the man who showed me the way.”

While a year earlier, on the same day, he posted another post in which he wrote: “What you have taught me is the value of hard work, honesty, integrity, humility, fairness, and compassion. For encouraging me to follow my passions. For your unconditional love and support. And for giving me a role model on how to be the best father a child could hope for. I am forever grateful. I love you dad! Happy Father’s Day! #CAPRICORN.”

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Jack Dale was born John Byron Dale to parents Landis Raymond Dale (son of Raymond Dale and Katherine/Catherine Thilgen/Jelgen) and Lois E. Deslauriers (daughter of Zephyr/Ziphyr Joseph Deslauriers and Erna/Anne M. Jeronimus).

  • The Jack Dale era

In 2022, Jack Dale is 76 years old. He was born in December 1945. He celebrates his birthday on December 19.

  • What is Jack Dale’s ethnicity?

Jack Dale is French-English by nationality.

  • jack dale job

Jack Dale was a semi-professional hockey player. Weighing in at 181 pounds and 5’9”, he played for the Johnstone Jets, Johnstown, Pennsylvania from 1967 to 1969 before playing for the Seattle Totems from 1969 to 1971. Before that, he played at the University of Minnesota. Learn more about his hockey career here.

Meet Olga Dale, mother of Ian Anthony Dale

Olga Dale is the mother of Ian Anthony Dale. She was born in Japan to her parents Felisbino Felix Antonio Guterres (son of Antonio T. Guterres and Amalia / Amelia Marie / Maria Asae) and Beatriz Maria Kinko. Her mother moved to the United States at the age of 17 and she has lived here ever since.

  • Olga Dale Age

In February 2022, Olga Dale turns 79 years old. She was born in February 1943.

  • What is the ethnic origin of Olga Dale?

Olga Dale is Japanese-American.

  • Olga Dale’s work

Olga Dale has worked in the nursing profession for over 50 years. She is now retired and her LinkedIn says she last worked at the University of MN Medical Center.

  • Where do Ian Anthony Dale’s parents live today?

As of 2022, Ian Anthony Dale’s parents currently live in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

  • Are Ian Anthony Dale’s parents still married?

Yes, Ian Anthony Dale’s parents are still married.

  • How many children do Ian Anthony Dale’s parents have?

In addition to Ian Anthony Dale, his parents have another son, Sgt. Robert Dale, who works as a homicide detective with the Minneapolis Police Department.

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Ian spoke about his brother to, saying: “I have always been fascinated by his career and what he does. He was always willing to share his experiences with me, so I have a direct connection to the psychology of someone in law enforcement and that’s invaluable. He will also be the first person to tell me when I do something wrong. It’s best to check with him beforehand to make sure I’m always doing it right and being authentic.”

Robert is 54 years old and is married to his wife Lea Erickson.

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