Meet Elena Nadolinski, FIGMA Dyaln Field Wife! Age, Net Worth

New In (Sept 2020): Adobe’s $20 Billion Acquisition FIGMA made its co-founders Dylan Field and Evan Wallace billionaires. The deal doubles the valuation the San Francisco-based startup achieved in June 2021, when it raised $200 million from investors including Durable Capital and Morgan Stanley. Dylan and Evan are now expected to each have a 10% stake in the company, which would now be valued at $2 billion. With that being said, here’s a look into the life of Dylan Field’s FIGMA wife. She is Elena Nadolinski and this is what we know about her.

Meet Elena Nadolinski, wife of FIGMA Dylan Field

FIGMA Dylan Field and Elena Nadolinski have seemed quite private about their relationship. However, several times when big events occurred in their lives, they made sure to share it with the world.

For example, on September 1, 2020, when Dylan tweeted that even 2020 can’t stop them from getting married.

Then, in April 2021, when Dylan was at a virtual conference for his design software company, popular with clients including Airbnb, BMW, and Zoom, he learned that Elena was pregnant with their first child.

A month earlier, during an interview, Dylan mentioned that his wife was at ETH Waterloo, where she is CryptoKitties was created for the first time. What he meant is that he also saw the birth and rise of the CryptoKitties through her.

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There were other times Dylan mentioned Elena in his tweets.

Either way, the couple should now be happy at home in San Francisco, California with a new member recently added to their family.

Elena Nadolinsky Age

Born in 1992, Elena Nadolinski turned 29 in 2021.

Elena Nadolinski Work

Elena Nadolinski was the founder/CEO/initiator iron fish October 2018 iron fish according to them, it is a new cryptocurrency focused on privacy and usability that was born in the 2020 pandemic. Elena also writes on the website that they are working to provide a coin that makes privacy accessible and easy to use, while It provides the strongest privacy guarantees available. As for why they chose the name ‘Iron Fish,’ Elena said, it was because during World War II American Navajo speakers used it as a code name for a submarine to demonstrate the power of cryptography for protection and defense.

Based in San Francisco iron fish it launched its first testnet in April 2021 and, by the end of 2021, said it had since attracted nearly 2,000 self-identified miners to its community. At the time, he grossed $27.7 million in a Series A directed by Andreessen Horowitz. Other investors in the round included Sequoia, Electric Capital, MetaStable, Arrington XRP, Terra co-founder Do Kwon, Thesis CEO Matt Luongo, and Anchorage co-founder Nathan McCauley.

Now, that explains why Elena, also a former software engineer at Microsoft and Airbnb, made Forbes’ 2022 “30 Under 30 – Finance” list.

How much is Elena Nadolinski worth?

Elena Nadolinski reportedly had a net worth of $2 million in 2022.

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In addition to her coding skills, Elena also ran a side business making jewelry out of old electronics scavenged from dumps. She sold these pieces to women at tech events and in her Etsy shop. She was also associated with Redwood in 2021

Elena Nadolinski Family

Elena Nadolinski’s father is Alexander Nadolinski. She turned 50 in January 2022.

Also, Elena’s mother is Yekaterina Nadolinskaya. She turned 51 in February 2022. According to the internet, the people appeared to be together, married, and living in the city of Fairfax, in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States.

Also, according to LinkedIn, Elena’s mother is a senior consultant at CACI International Inc. At one point, between 1988 and 1993, she studied for a master’s degree in applied mathematics at Volgograd State University in Russia. While her husband and Elena’s father mentioned that he is the owner superior lip.

  • When is Elena Nadolinski’s birthday?

Elena Nadolinski celebrates her birthday in October. So she is Libra or Scorpio.

  • What is the nationality of Elena Nadolinski?

Elena grew up in the southwestern Russian city of Volgograd, formerly known as Stalingrad, on the west bank of the Volga River. However, she eventually acquired US citizenship.

  • Is Elena Nadolinski on Instagram and Twitter?

Elena Nadolinski can be found on Instagram where she had 20 posts and 204 followers as of September 16, 2022.

Elena seems to be even more involved in tweeting on Twitter (@leanthebean) where he entertained 5,921 followers at the time.

  • Where did Elena Nadolinski study?

First, Elena Nadolinski went to WT Woodson High School. She later became vice president of Woodson’s Computer Science Club and president of its Robotics Club, serving both groups for three years. While she was president of the latter group, her team placed second internationally in the Botball Robotics Tournament. Another project she undertook, writing a software program in Java, received recognition from the Central Intelligence Agency and George Mason University.

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Between 2011 and 2014, he studied for graduate degrees in computer science at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

In 2012, while still a freshman at Virginia Tech, Elena was one of six young women invited to the White House as recipients of the National Council of Women in Information Technology’s Computing Aspirations Award.

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