Meet Brooke Sansone Brothers: Paul And Michael Sansone!

Let us introduce you to the brothers of Charlie Puth’s girlfriend, Brooke Sansone: Paul and Michael Sansone. Who are they? Are they married? What do they do?

Let’s get to know them more closely.

Who are Brooke Sansone’s siblings?

Brooke Sansone, who is reportedly dating Charlie Puth, is one of her parents’ three children. Her parents Paul Sansone Jr. and Chris Sansone married in February 1991. And in 31 years of marriage, they had two sons, Michael and Paul Sansone III.

The three brothers seem to be very close to each other. The last time the three were together, according to their social networks, was back in 2019 when they were on vacation in Santorini, Greece.

In 2022, Brooke made headlines after she was rumored to be Charlie Puth’s girlfriend. Charlie and Brooke officially posted a series of photos taken at the photo booth on IG. Charlie wrote on her IG: “🎶 Ohhhhh I’m NOT a loser… because I didn’t lose her! 🎶 (Happy birthday to me)”.

According to PEOPLE, Brooke works as a public relations and digital marketing coordinator for a design consultancy. She is passionate about fashion and travel.

Brooke added a separate comment to Puth’s post, saying it’s “National Charlie Day.” Her father, Paul Sansone Jr., enjoyed the many comments he made in response to her tweet praising her and Puth. Sansone and Puth are lifelong family friends, as Paul said in a 2014 tweet confirming this. Furthermore, Brooke and Charlie had been communicating online for at least several months.

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In September, the two along with their family members were at the Global Citizen Festival in New York. Brooke also shared an Instagram Story earlier this summer showing her and Puth smiling at an event. Puth previously spoke with Brooke on Instagram Live in 2019, during which he addressed her as “Brookie” and asked her about New Jersey.

Meet Paul Sansone III, Brooke Sansone’s brother

Paul Sansone III is the eldest of three children born to Brooke Sansone’s parents.

  • Period Paul Sansone III

Paul Sansone was reportedly born in 1992. He celebrated his 30th birthday in May 2022.

  • Work of Paul Sansone III

Paul Sansone III currently works as a sales manager at Sansone Jr.’s 66 Automall. He has been working in that role since 2009. Paul and his brothers are third-generation auto dealers helping their father, Paul Jr., who has been in the auto business all his life. In 2009, Paul had the opportunity to buy the Nissan and Kia dealership in Neptun from his father, which he renamed 66 Automall Sansone Jr.

  • Is Paul Sansone III married?

In 2022, Paul Sansone gets engaged. He has been engaged to her fiancée Emmaline Wilson since March 2022. In October 2022, Emmaline posted on her IG, “Mr. and Mrs. Coming Soon.”

On the day of her engagement, Emmaline wrote on her IG: “It’s hard to sum up the best weekend of your life in one Instagram post, but I’ll do my best. To the Samsons, thank you for everything. You are the most amazing family. Words cannot describe how happy I am to be a part of this.”

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“To my family, you mean everything to me. Thank you for always supporting us. That you always loved Paul and always knew how special our relationship was. To our friends, thank you for always coming for us. For what you do to us so much.” special. Because you are our biggest defenders. We love you very much, “he continued. “To Paul, you are the definition of everything that happens for a reason and the best things in life are worth waiting for. You are mine forever, mine forever, my beginning and my end. I can’t wait to marry you.”

Paul also released an official engagement announcement, which you can read here. More about Emma, ​​he is a senior account manager at Nili Lotan. He lives in New York and is originally from Roanoke, Virginia.

Meet Michael Sansone, Brooke Sansone’s brother

Brooke Sansone’s other brother is named Michael Sansone.

  • Michael Sanson Age

Michael, who is 28 years old, was born in December 1993. Michael celebrates his birthday on December 17.

  • Business of Michael Sansone

Like his older brother Paul, Michael Sansone also works at Sansone Jr. Automall, LLC. He has been working as Director of Operations since December 2020. Prior to that, he worked as a Project Manager and sold Nissan, Kia, Mitsubishi and Used vehicles.

Along with his brother and mother, the entire family works hard to make buying a car easy. The dealership ownership program, Women Sell Cars to Women, makes it easy for women to work with saleswomen. The Sansones also work diligently to make travel easier for local families in need by donating vehicles through their Hope for a Ride program. Generations of Samsons have created one of Monmouth County’s most respected automobile dealerships.

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Michael graduated from the University of Roanoke.

  • Is Michael Sansone married?

Michael Sanson’s current relationship status is unclear, but one thing is for sure, he is not married. However, his social media certainly gives an idea of ​​his previous relationship. He once dated Amelia Woods. They were together in 2015 and dated until March 2016.

  • Where do the Brooke Sansone siblings live?

Brooke Sansone’s brother, Paul Sansone III, currently lives in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Michael is located in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey.

  • Are Brooke Sansone’s siblings on Instagram?

Yes, the Brooke Sansone siblings are on social media. Michael and Paul’s Facebook is (@michael.sansone.54 and @paul.sansone.794) and Instagram is (@msansone1 and @pjsansone3).

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