Meet Ben Ashby, Love Island Mackenzie Dipman Boyfriend!

Mackenzie Dipman who left love island Season 4 is when a single woman found love off the island and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Two months ago (November 2022), Mackenzie entered the Love Island mansion in episode 27, only to leave voluntarily in episode 33. Two months later, she not only admitted to the world that she was in love, but also proudly showed off who. Let’s find out who the lucky one is.

Meet Ben Ashby, boyfriend of Love Island star Mackenzie Dipman

On November 14, 2022, Love Island star Mackenzie Dipman took to her IG (@mackenziedipman) to share some cute photos of her and new boyfriend Ben Ashby on various dates. And next to these pictures, she wrote “the season 4 love story you couldn’t see… 💜 @_bashby_” as a caption.

This means that since that day, Mackenzie has made no secret that she and Ben are the same.

However, no details have been revealed yet. For example, it was impossible to say where and how they met.

After graduating from Arizona State University in 2020, Mackenzie, from Scottsdale, Arizona, went straight to filming. love island the second season, where she was paired with Connor Trott.

Anyway, Ben also graduated from the same university as Mackenzie in 2020. So, it’s clear that they were college roommates in the past.

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Before Mackenzie debuted her new relationship in 2022, she appeared twice on love island during the second and fourth seasons.

Ben Ashby Age

Ben Ashby is said to have been born in 1998. So perhaps he would have turned 24 in 2022.

The Ben Ashby family

Ben Ashby’s mother is Nancy Kay Ashby and you can follow her on Instagram @fairwood1818 and on Facebook. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, she turned 67 on October 25, 2022. On his birthday a few years ago, Ben said on his IG that his mom was everyone’s favorite first and second grade teacher. . class and someone known primarily as “Mrs. Ashby”. But, he said, he and the rest of her family simply call her “fairwood1818,” mocking her for her social media username.

Plus, there’s Mark Ashby, Ben’s loving father. This can be found on Instagram @tptr1227. From the looks of it, he seemed to have a career as a conductor/orchestra teacher. After Cartwright Elementary School District and M.Ed. – Educational Leadership and Administration at Northern Arizona University, Glendale Community College and Cortez High School, Ben studied Music Education at Northern Arizona University. He also proudly writes on his Facebook that he was a high school gang director/investigator in the Paradise Valley Unified School District.

Most importantly, Ben’s parents also remained married and together as of 2022.

In terms of siblings, Ben has two older sisters. Amber Dodd is the oldest of them all, she can be found on IG @ amburger28 and is also known as Joni Missile. Next up is Hannah Ashby and she loves to travel. She studied international hospitality management at Northern Arizona University and turned 28 in July 2022.

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Where is Ben Ashby from?

love island Star Mackenzie Dipman’s boyfriend, Ben Ashby, hails from Phoenix, Arizona.

Ben Ashby Height

Ben Ashby is not only handsome but also appears to be over 6 feet tall. Of course, he conveyed the feeling that he is a lover of fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Work of Ben Ashby

Ben Ashby, according to his LinkedIn, works in film and media development and production. Even IMDB knows this about him. He therefore, he is a writer, director and actor. His profile still indicates that Ben is primarily known for his comedic work, and several of his short films have received acclaim at festivals across the country. Also according to his profile, he won “Best Screenplay”, “Best Director”, “Best Performance” and “Best Picture” between his two short films, meat head and Mixed.

Ben also directed a short film, be sparkling (2019) and TV movie gay couple (2020).

Talking about her education, she graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Media and Film Production in 2020.

As of 2022, he mentioned that he works as a part-time actor in murder mystery troupe and part-time archival researcher at Archive Ninjas, LLC.

Then, interestingly, her LinkedIn also reveals that she has worked as a production assistant for the time being, as well as at ITV. love island between May 2021 and September 2021.

So, not only does Ben have the same homeland and alma mater as Mackenzie, but he also has the same species, that is, in the entertainment industry, as her.

From Mackenzie we know that except love island Fame, she competed in various pageants and was crowned first runner-up in the 2015 Miss Arizona Teen USA pageant.

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  • Is Ben Ashby on Instagram?

That. You can find Ben Ashby on Instagram @_bashby_ with 67 posts and 2295 followers as of November 16, 2022. He seemed to routinely show bits of his life here, but he didn’t seem all that active on Facebook.

In his social networks, he can also be seen wishing his ex a “happy birthday”. It can be said that she was dating a person named Dominique Krzykos. Supposedly, the two started dating in 2014 and were together until 2015. There were still a few photos of them together, mostly on Ashby’s Instagram.

  • When is Ben Ashby’s birthday?

Ben Ashby has a birthday on February 8 or 9, which makes him an Aquarius.

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