Meet Andy Woodfield, Charlene White Husband! His Age, Job

i’m a celebrity Contestant Charlene White reportedly has a husband and his name is Andy Woodfield. Charlene, best known as a newscaster on ITV, joined the cast of the ITV show. She shared her enthusiasm for going to the jungle and is not afraid of any challenge.

Before going on the show, Charlene said, “I’m very excited about the physical challenges. Eating challenges that don’t really bother me at all, that people find really weird. They lock him in a coffin and surround him with spiders, rats, worms and snakes, which I will have a hard time finding.”

So fans are excited to find out more about his personal life now, which includes more about Andy and their relationship. Are they married? Who is your son? Here are some details that might answer these questions.

Meet Andy Woodfield, husband of British TV presenter Charlene White

British TV presenter Charlene White is reportedly married to her husband Andy Woodfield. But to the surprise of many people, there is no evidence that the two ever got married. Additionally, the couple interacted with each other on Twitter, but never shared a single image publicly.

We can say that the earliest you can see them in a conversation is 2016. However, most of the announcements are formal and it cannot be concluded if they were in a romantic relationship at that time. However, in 2017, the couple had a child together.

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Son of Andy Woodfield and Charlene White

Andy Woodfield and Charlene White reportedly have a son named Alfie. In March 2017, Charlene announced her pregnancy on various social media platforms, including Twitter. On the latter platform, she tweeted: “For those wondering yes I’m pregnant. So for Mother’s Day an article on surviving without mommy.”

In December 2017, Charlene posted a photo of her newborn baby on her IG, writing, “So 2017 brought me the most amazing gift in my new life: my beautiful and er…very loud son Alfie. But my family also lost several lives. So tonight I raise a glass to what I’ve won and lost in 2017. Whatever you do tonight, stay safe, and move on to 2018!

Charlene has avoided showing her son’s face, but has featured her son on social media more than once. In January 2021, she posted: “My son shines in photos and I don’t think the framing is too bad for a 3 year old! This is me on Sunday… at the end of Christmas holidays, at the end of another long day of cleaning, washing, dinner preparation and general mommy stuff before going back to thinking about “work mode”.

Alfie is now a big brother as he has a younger sister named Florence. Florence was born in October 2019.

Andy Woodfield Age

Andy Woodfield was supposedly born in 1972. So, in 2022, Andy is 50 years old.

Is Andy Woodfield on Instagram?

No, Andy Woodfield doesn’t seem to like being on Instagram. Although you can find him on Twitter at (@andy_woodfield).

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Image by Andy Woodfield

Photo of Andy Woodfield, husband of TV presenter Charlene White (Image:

Andy Woodfield’s Business

Andy Woodfield has a LinkedIn profile where he has shared details about his work and career. He has been Head of Global International Development at PwC UK since July 2022. He originally joined the firm in 1998 as a Senior Associate, Manager and Senior Manager.

During his 24 years of service, Andy has held positions such as Director, Inclusive Business Network Sponsor Partner, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Partner and Partner Sponsor.

Andy leads PwC’s relationship with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). He and his team are committed to unlocking the full power of the PwC network globally for the FCDOs in Whitehall and for each individual mission around the world.

Andy has focused on the international development market for over 10 years, initially leading our work with the Department for International Development (DFID), delivering complex multi-year programs in some of the world’s most challenging locations, and then 2016 in the role of lead partner for global relations for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Other highlights during her career include serving as a judge for the UK Baton Awards, Excellence in Diversity Awards and LGBT Awards, as founder of Lilliput Dorset Gina, trustee of Action Breaks Silence, Opening Doors London and Diversity Role Models.

In addition, he has also worked as a consultant at Alphameric, an IT Manager at Peek Traffic and a Junior Draftsman at CadCam Alliance.

Andy is a regular public speaker, typically focusing on strengths-based development, diversity and inclusion. He gave two TED talks and also spoke on gender equality at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

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Speaking of his education, Andy attended Solent University and Blandford High School.

  • Where is Andy Woodfield from?

Andy Woodfield currently lives in London, UK.

  • How tall is Andy Woodfield?

Andy Woodfield is over 5 feet 11 inches tall.

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