MCU: The 10 Best Tweets About Steve & Tony’s Relationship

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are no longer part of the Marvel Universe after the incident EndgameBut even as Marvel introduces more and more characters to its ever-expanding list of movies, the duo will last forever in the hearts of fans. They are not only teammates of the Avengers but also members of the Avengers. They mean more than that, supporting each other in times of need and experiencing temporary but profound estrangement after fighting each other. civil war.

But with Twitter fans clamoring to bring these iconic characters together, Tony and Steve have made a worthy couple for fans to read! Steve and Tony’s relationship is also popular among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though there’s no shortage of efforts to get Steve to his best friend Bucky Barnes.

power couple

These two heroes not only look like a good match, but their abilities complement each other very well. As Iron Man, Tony has an arsenal of high-tech armor and weapons. As for Steve, he was able to bring down that brute with all the superhuman strength he got from the super soldier serum.

All in all, this is a perfect match, even when using power at home. Like the famous scene in the movie Age of UltronSteve can chop wood with his bare hands. On the other hand, Tony can momentarily catch fire with his handgun. It will be a very warm Christmas in their house.

balance of haters

While the “Steve Tony” ship may be glorified in the fandom, many people don’t seem to understand the hype. Considering how terrible of friends Steve and Tony are, their disdain for the ship is understandable.

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Although they have shot each other amicably since they met, civil war Prove that Steve can protect Bucky and stick to his ideals. Even though Bucky has been brainwashed and he still kills Tony’s parents, instead of acting as a mediator, Steve decides to give Bucky his full support, even if it means defeating Tony. Tony sympathizers will be outraged if fans are still willing to send the two works together.

maybe both sides are right

backside civil warAfter its release, it’s not uncommon for Marvel fans to split into two camps: Team Iron Man and Captain. But over the years, revisions to the film’s story have led some to discuss whether Tony and Steve’s respective ways might be right or wrong.

Speaking of reasons, this tweet aptly sums up Steve’s rightness about the impending danger to superheroes’ privacy and day-to-day operations caused by excessive government control. under the Superman Registration Act. But given the collateral damage caused by the Avengers’ previous actions, the idea of ​​Tony being held accountable for their actions through the Act also makes sense. The moral confusion between these two views further shows that Steve and Tony are always two sides of the same coin.

Grumpy X Sunshine Dynamics

Deciding who is more serious in a relationship can be difficult because both Steve and Tony have short tempers. Steve was seen as the ideal leader from the start, but even Tony eventually evolved from a free-spirited playboy to a more mature team leader.

But at the same time, the two also have extremely fun moments. It’s hard to tell who is who, as the fanfic bestows “Grumpy” and “Sunny” traits to both characters.

Steve will never take Tony’s head

civil war This is a challenging situation for both Steve and Tony. Although Steve’s friendship with Bucky leads him to even roughly knock Tony out, he’s clearly not going to end his life. It’s a heartbreaking scene, though, as Tony thinks Steve can hit him on the head with his shield, just like the hostile John Walker did to civilians. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Tony’s fear in this particular scene marks a turning point in their relationship. Although they begin to fight side by side again in the sequels, Tony appears to be permanently scarred after being beaten up by Steve and Bucky.

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where it all started

Steve and Tony’s first official interaction was on SHIELD’s Helicopter Carrier, where the two heroes taunt each other. While some would consider this a classic student joke, it turns out the moment is a classic joke for delivery-ready fans.

Like a classic romantic comedy, this scene is set in which two people who will become lovers end up becoming sworn enemies, but then fall in love again. For many people, like this Twitter user’s mom, this is the perfect time to start shipping.

ship’s name

Every couple in the pantheon of fan fiction has a “ship name”. Steve and Bucky’s relationship in the Marvel Universe is classified as “Stucky”, while Tony and Pepper’s relationship is called “Pepperony”.

So it’s only a matter of time before Steve and Tony also have their own spaceship names. Most people support the Stone Statue, and that is something that persists in many fictions. Understandably, “Stone” has also become a common label among loyal fans.

The Battle of Steves

Avengers: Game over Watching two Steves from different timelines fight each other has resulted in countless memes. Now, imagine a scene like this, but Steves is haunted by a possessive grudge against Tony.

It wouldn’t be surprising if someone wrote a whole fan story about the scene, or “divine metaphor” as this tweet describes. Given that they both have the same power, good luck to Steve for winning!

consistent with the relationship at the time

in spite of The Avengers Truly laying the groundwork for Steve and Tony’s relationship, the relationship is said to have waned in future Avengers movies. civil war It was seen that the two of them were actually fighting, and the tension remained Infinity War/Game Over legendary.

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but consider simpler time The Avengers With just six main superheroes dominating the MCU, it’s heartwarming to imagine them all living in Stark Tower, with Steve and Tony as the main characters. Their opposing personalities and leadership styles will perfectly complement each other’s presence in this relationship.

“I need you”

Tony’s exile in space took a toll on his psyche, making him extremely anxious about what was to come. After this event, Steve is busy leading the Avengers in Wakanda civil war, There was a certain rift between the two. Even if they wanted to communicate their problems, they would have little time in front of Thanos’ global threat.

Against this backdrop, Tony is brutally honest with Steve, telling him how much he needs him and continuing to show off their years of closeness. But saving the world is a greater responsibility for both of them, even if it comes at the cost of causing a breakdown in their shared close relationship.

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