MCU: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Peter Parker And Ned Leed’s Friendship

The Spider-Man franchise has introduced audiences to some of Peter Parker’s greatest allies, and one of his biggest supporters is Ned Leeds. Peter and Ned become best buddies throughout their time at high school, with the pair sharing many common interests. With the recent release of Spider-Man: No Way Home: More Fun Stuff, fans have been spreading their love for Peter Parker and Ned Leeds’ friendship, with some particularly fun pictures.

These joyous memes capture the pair’s clear chemistry, as they perfectly sum up Ned and Peter’s friendship. MCU fans have provided some truly excellent images, that neatly showcase how the duo has become one of the shared universe’s greatest pairings.

Ned Leeds Be Like

The closing moments of No Way Home are among the series’ most tragic moments, as Doctor Strange’s spell causes everyone to forget Tom Holland’s, Peter Parker. One Reddit post specifically references Ned Leeds’ inability to remember, depicting Andrew Garfield’s Peter yelling at Ned to “shut up.”

This darkly comic picture creates a scenario where Ned asks who Peter Parker is, representing the tragedy of their friendship. Their time as buddies comes to an end in the most heartbreaking manner, with Ned not even able to remember that they were once friends.


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Upon discovering Peter’s identity as Spider-Man, Ned provides his friend with valuable assistance, as Peter tries to navigate being both a hero and a school pupil. Instagram user Marv.elThinggs has acknowledged Ned’s important role in Peter’s life with this magnificent meme.

Marv.elThinggs’ creation references Ned’s support and understanding of his friend, as he humorously claims to have “alphabetized” the times Peter has acted irresponsibly. While Peter Parker has demonstrated some of the best traits, there are also a few negative aspects to his character, which Ned aims to help him overcome.

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Ned And Peter’s Secret Handshake

Through their time at high school, Peter and Ned develop a particularly tight-knit friendship. The pair hold an especially strong bond, with Twitter’s @TedyBrosvelt offering their take on the duo’s secret handshake.

This glorious image showcases Peter and Ned’s geeky nature, as their handshake pays a nod to several MCU heroes, including Peter’s late mentor Tony Stark, and Thor. Peter and Ned both have a keen interest in the Avengers, and are in admiration of their world-saving efforts, with Ned desperate for Peter’s thoughts on meeting Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Friends Forever

Ned Leeds has featured prominently throughout the MCU’s Spider-Man films. However, despite being a significant presence, there are still many things people may not know about Ned Leeds. Becoming buddies with Peter Parker sees him become embroiled in Spider-Man’s biggest adventures, and Instagram poster Supremacy_Nerd thinks this makes them “friends forever.”

This meme is particularly poignant following the events of No Way Home, with Peter and Ned forced apart by Doctor Strange’s spell. Ned is there to support his best friend through some of his toughest times, such as Tony Stark’s funeral, and the brutal murder of his Aunt May, helping Peter through a few of his darkest moments.

Spider-Man vs. Ned In Wii Basketball

Peter and Ned are particularly fun personalities throughout the MCU, with the duo having one of the most entertaining partnerships in the superhero universe. Reddit poster MarvelMemes has demonstrated his take on this lively friendship, with this enjoyably daft meme.

MarvelMemes’ post encapsulates the duo’s playful nature, imagining a scenario where Peter and Ned play Wii Sports Resorts’ basketball game. The pair of schoolkids enjoy hanging out with one another, and display an active imagination, with the duo planning to finish building a LEGO Death Star during the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Ned Is Literally Me

Out of all of Peter’s schoolmates, Ned is the most aware of how dangerous Peter’s life is, with the web-slinger’s greatest friend acting as Peter’s informant. Instagram’s Tommy.Cutie has given his version of Ned’s unique position, with a photo that depicts Peter on another deadly vigilante mission.

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Tommy.Cutie declares Ned in this picture to be immensely relatable, as he stares in panic while Peter prepares to fight his latest enemy. As his best buddy, Ned is often concerned for his safety, hoping that he comes out of his heroic endeavors unscathed.

If Ned And MJ Were There

Guest-starring in Spider-Man’s third outing, Doctor Strange is considered one of the Avengers’ bravest members, with the arrogant sorcerer having faced some of the universe’s biggest threats. No Way Home features Strange agreeing to cast a spell that makes everyone forget Peter is Spider-Man, however, Reddit’s MarvelMemes has suggested things may have turned out differently if Ned and MJ had been there.

This interesting meme from Reddit implies Ned and MJ’s presence may have seen Strange making a slightly different spell, with the sorcerer’s wizardry instead only causing the MIT Admissions Office to forget Peter’s heroic identity. As the man who advises Peter during his vigilante work, Ned often acts as the voice of reason, as he can deliver an outsider’s perspective to Peter’s superhero work.

Do You Lay Eggs?

Upon finding out his friend is Spider-Man, Ned appears truly fascinated by Peter’s abilities, becoming eager to discover more information about his heroic buddy. Instagram user Hystu01 finds this a particularly entertaining aspect of Ned’s character, reimagining a scene from Homecoming as a Deadpool gag.

This meme brings audiences Deadpool’s – who many consider to be a mercenary in Marvel Comics – reaction to Ned’s query regarding whether Peter lays eggs. His comments regarding his buddy’s biology showcases his curious nature, as Ned is intrigued to learn more about Peter’s altered DNA.

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Halloween Costume

While the Avengers has featured some of the MCU’s wealthiest individuals within its ranks, Peter Parker has been less fortunate, with the teen struggling considerably with his finances. This aspect of Peter and Ned’s friendship is referenced within Instagram poster NewAvengersEdit’s picture, presenting a fictitious Halloween party attended by the duo.

This fun picture depicts Peter and Ned’s shared financial woes, as the pair turn up in Peter’s Spider-Man costumes because “we are super broke.” Peter and Ned have strikingly similar backgrounds, with both having been raised by an extended family member in their parents’ absence and living within the same part of New York.

Ned’s Search History

Peter Parker has one of Marvel’s richest rogues galleries, with the likes of Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus considered some of the greatest comic-book villains. Ned’s comics counterpart becomes one of his biggest foes, during the “Hobgoblin Lives” storyline, and Instagram user Superherostuffz references this part of Ned’s history in this wonderful meme.

Superherostuffz’s photo delivers a funny take on MCU Ned’s desire not to become a supervillain, paying tribute to the comic-book Ned’s time as Hobgoblin. Peter’s best buddy shows great loyalty to his friend and wishes not to betray him in the same manner as the web-slinger’s one-time mentor Quentin Beck.

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