Marvel’s Midnight Suns: How to Complete Magik’s Challenge Mission

Get Magik’s Midnight Sun Suit and Darkchylde’s Legendary Combat Abilities Marvel’s Midnight Sunthe player must complete”Son of the Devil,, Magik’s Challenge Quest in the Forge. This challenge becomes available when the protagonist’s friendship level with Magik reaches level 5. like other hero challenges midnight sun, fans have to figure out how to get their legendary card and use it to win. However, while allowing unlimited card play in this battle scenario, Magik will not be able to move on the field or draw her cards back. Also, if she falls in battle, the challenge will fail immediately.

Completing Magik .’s Challenging Quests Marvel’s Midnight Sun, players must play their cards in a certain order to perform a predetermined series of actions. While the order of one or two cards can vary from person to person, the solution is often the same. Therefore, the first card that Magik users should play is Limbo’s Grasp to increase the hero’s damage. Next, play the Trap Door card and move the enemy in the middle to the back, near the broken green crack in the ground.

How to complete the Devil’s Son quest in Marvel’s Midnight Sun

After “Repositioning Enemy Holding Darkchylde”Son of the Devil” exist Marvel’s Midnight Sun, the player should use Quick Soul Slash on the same opponent. According to gameplay footage provided by YouTuber TapCat, Quick Soulslash should be followed by Limbo Portal and Kick, which sends the enemy holding Darkchylde into the back wall on the right. Remember that the player must set up the Limbo Portal before Kicking, as the cards will not be played at the same time during this process. midnight sun Turn-based combat. Next, go ahead and cast Soul Blast on the same enemy, again dealing a massive bounce against the wall. Next, use the Trap Door card to move this Darkchylde-holding enemy mob closer to the red abyss opposite Magik’s current location.

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TapCat content creator warns players to avoid throwing enemies directly into red tunnels during Magik’s challenging mission Marvel’s Midnight Sun. Instead, they should make sure the opponent stays close to the crack, like they did before near the green boundary lines. Finally, the player must use heroic spirit to detonate the earth vein and destroy the enemy’s target. Avatar of Memory will then release Darkchylde, allowing the player to use legendary cards to complete the puzzle. After playing, Magik will transform and all midnight sun Enemies around the arena are mocked. They will attack Magik one by one, but she won’t be harmed by gaining immortality. Once the attack is over, “Son of the Devil” exist Marvel’s Midnight Sun will end and the player can claim his reward.

Source: YouTube/TapCat

  • Marvel Midnight Sun 1 game poster Marvel’s Midnight Sun Franchise: Marvel Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, Epic Games Store Release time: 2022-12-02 Developer: Fireaxis Games Publisher: Game 2K Genre: Strategy, RPG ESRB: BILLION Description: Firaxis Games, developer/author of the X-COM series, presents Marvel’s Midnight Sun, a new tactical RPG set in the unique Marvel universe. As the world is besieged by an apocalyptic threat from a demon named Lilith, the heroes of the Marvel Universe will have to unite against demons and corrupt Marvel heroes under the leadership of a human. Unique player-created object called “Hunter”. . Players can team up with characters like Wolverine, Blade, and Ghostrider and participate in fast-paced strategy action games. Play time: 37 hours and 13 meters
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