Marvel Just Revealed A Huge Avengers Endgame Retcon – Major MCU Twist Explained

Warning: This article contains spoilers of Marvel content for Secret Invasion Episode 5 secret invasion just summarizing the ending Avengers: Game over The shocking turn that changed everything for Nick Fury and the Avengers. In episode five, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury reveals the truth about Harvest, that it wasn’t Gravik’s plan to create the Super-Skrulls, but Fury’s reaction to the Avengers after the Battle of Earth. Betrayal Alliance. While Earth’s Mightiest Guardians are scavenging the shards of Iron Man’s death, Fury is looking to secretly benefit from the fight.

exist Avengers: Game overIt’s worth noting that Fury is absent from the final fight, though that always makes sense given he doesn’t have superpowers and more of a strategist’s status. He was able to help summon Captain Marvel when the Avengers turned the tables and let her take down Thanos’ ship, but his only notable appearance was at Tony Stark’s funeral. This appearance is a bit confusing as Fury seems to be trying to keep his fake death a secret. Captain America: Winter Soldier. secret invasion That might explain why Fury chose to reveal a much darker disguise than he simply wanted to attend Stark’s memorial service.

How the secret invasion changed Avengers: Endgame

secret invasion Added an interesting ending credits scene Avengers: Game over Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have never seen anything after the damage control storylines of Marvel’s Phase 3 and beyond. Spider-Man: Back homeAfter the Avengers’ mission on Earth, the Marvel Universe began to explore the idea of ​​dangerous technology falling into the wrong hands; The idea of ​​them leaving their DNA to “harvest” has escalated the situation considerably. Fury may be cleaning up, but the fact that he didn’t destroy the DNA after collecting it suggests his plan is far more sinister.

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Nick Fury explains that he sent a team of Skrulls led by Gravik to get the Avengers DNA after the Battle of Earth – including Carol Danvers’ DNA – which sounds like a needle in the haystack, but I guess the Skrulls just are really good spies. Fury claimed that most of the Avengers shed blood in the final battle, but Captain Marvel did not, even though Thanos hit her with a power stone. Tony Stark’s funeral scene revealed that very few Avengers were injured in the Battle for Earth, and Danvers didn’t have any marks on his face. The idea of ​​her bleeding is a new scout for her Endgame.

Why did Nick Fury secretly obtain Avengers DNA

Nick Fury's Secret Invasion of Avengers DNA

secret invasion Episode five effectively reveals that Nick Fury has a backup plan for the Avengers – or at least is trying to have one – just as Batman has a backup plan for members of the Justice League in the Universe. DC pillar. Same with backup plans. Anger revealed The Avengers He is a deeply paranoid man who has secretly developed a Phase 2 weapon in response to Thor’s arrival on Earth. In this respect, he is very similar to Tony Stark: despite Stark’s close relationship with Bruce Banner, he created the Hulk as a backup for Bruce Banner. Fury’s use of the Battle of Earth as an opportunity to prepare contingency plans for the surviving Avengers, or to develop his own biological weapons, really fits the established logic of Marvel Universe.

If the idea of ​​Fury using Avengers DNA to create his own weapons sounds far-fetched, consider the name he gave the mission – “Harvest” – which essentially means reaping. benefits. Fury has a plan he has to keep even with the Avengers, which eventually leads to Gravik’s own super Skrull plan. However, his duplicate nature is not surprising – this is a man who sees Alexander Pierce as a mentor and has risen through the ranks of a SHIELD infiltrated by Hydra. Some of them will certainly survive.

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Nick Fury’s Avengers Crash Is Real (And It Changed His Endgame Look)

Avengers DNA Secret Invasion

when frying sit outside EndgameIn Halo, it was fitting that he was present at Tony Stark’s funeral, because of their close co-worker relationship. But secret invasion It looks like this decision has been revisited and Fury’s time on Earth after the War on Earth has been included as part of his Avengers DNA plan. It’s subtle, but secret invasion It also confirms that there’s more to this so-called Avengers fallback than just “harvesting”. The vials of DNA were the first hint – they were no longer individual samples, they were developed into whatever liquid Fury had. It seems the DNA has been weaponized, filling the void of what Fury did then. Endgameend.

secret invasion Fury also insulted the Avengers by saying that the Avengers are unnecessary crutches, inferior to him in defending Earth because they haven’t been through what he’s been through. It’s clearly a random event the show uses to explain why the Avengers don’t show up to face the threat of the apocalypse, but it doesn’t quite work: All of the Avengers are going through trauma – after all, that’s the origin of superheroes – – And Fury’s focus on his own experience can be a disaster. There’s no way he can fight Super Skrull just because he wears an eyepatch and has an almighty chip on his shoulder. Fury needs the Avengers, whether he wants to admit it or not.

‘Secret Invasion’ Twist Confirms Roddy Isn’t Skrull In ‘Endgame’

Nick Fury and Roddy in

A less obvious revelation in Nick Fury’s “Harvest” project is Roddy’s Skrull origins. Kevin Feige has previously joked that Don Cheadle’s War Machine has been a Skrull longer than anyone thought, but if Roddy is a Skrull in the Battle for Earth, his blood will betray him. Not only did it turn purple, but it also failed the test phase of Fury’s DNA collection program. On the contrary, it seems that if Skroder replaces the previous Roddy secret invasionthat is recent.

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