Marvel Contest of Champions MOD APK (Menu, Auto Fight/Unlimited skills) 38.0.0

Marvel Contest of Champions MOD APK Info

Menu mode V1

  1. auto battle
  2. Unlimited skill, mana
  3. Damage, defense coefficient

V2 . menu mode

  1. Damage multiplier
  2. much defense
  3. frozen enemies
  4. Unlimited skills

Another new offer from the world’s favorite comic and movie franchise. Marvel’s biggest symbols are superheroes and hit games like the Marvel Championship. Marvel-exclusive superheroes will compete to appear in the Marvel Contest of Champions game to satisfy players’ preferences. Watching heroes fight is an interesting thing. Even now that you are the one directly controlling them, there is nothing like it. Welcome to this unique superhero world. Who will you transform into to win each arena in the Marvel Contest of Champions?

Marvel’s Contest of Champions isn’t just about famous heroes. And many more memorable villains and anti-heroes choose to fight. Each match is a different character and you will show your unique fighting skills. Unleash your best attacks and combos to finish off your opponents. From there, collect more trophies to prove yourself as a person of extraordinary skill. Beautiful 3D graphics with elements of indie movies is an impressive plus.

Download Marvel Contest of Champions mod – Fight with the most famous superheroes

Since Marvel Contest of Champions is a fighting game, it can focus its power on individual superheroes and villains. This is the perfect excuse for their powers to be most similar to the original comics and movies. Use the virtual keys on the screen to move and perform attacks. The unique skills of heroes and villains can create very beautiful combinations. Both deal high damage and are easy to control the tempo of the game. There are different variations, but the standard is still Sankatsu. Specifically, when you knock out your opponent three times, you win the whole match. However, it takes a lot of skill to do so.

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Marvel Contest of Champions Mod apk

meet a favorite character

This is the most anticipated moment for any Marvel fan. Almost every famous Marvel superhero and supervillain will appear in the Marvel Contest of the Champions. They are warriors that can be used in battle, with extremely powerful skills. From Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Hulk, Cyclops, Black Panther… to villains like Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, Deadpool… all possess the skills and power to become famous. . You can upgrade them and star them up to 6 stars. Strength is indispensable, but not the only factor determining the outcome. It also depends on the skill of each player. Are you confident that you are a good player?

Marvel Contest of Champions mod apk free

Form a fighting alliance

Competing for world hegemony and monopolizing the throne is equally thrilling and attractive. But it doesn’t seem to last long and gets boring pretty quickly. So why not look for other players. Form your superhero team and fight everywhere. Your party can accommodate up to 5 people. Each reveals their unique powers to heroes or villains. Experience many battles with other teams. Use your and your teammates’ superior skills to defeat your opponents. The reward when you win will be worth the effort of you and your teammates. Let’s stand up and find an ally for ourselves.

magic contest of free mod champion

Into the mysterious universe

The plot of Marvel Contest of Champions is scattered across many different universes. Sort by chapter order. When you complete Chapter 1, you will unlock Chapter 2, etc. We will have to fight through many battles with the characters in each chapter. Get a better understanding of the story in the universe and defeat the final boss to complete the entire chapter. The multiverse never ends and is constantly updated with new chapters. Your journey will never lack excitement, as each universe is a different story. The rewards that come with each chapter are also very attractive. Encourage all players to go to each universe and experience it all.

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Marvel Free Champion Contest

Developed based on existing Marvel properties. From the world and universe of heroes, the strengths and relationships of various heroes. The Marvel Championship creates the most exciting battlefields in the multiverse. Ready for players to play any role. Even a mediocre hero can become the most dangerous villain in the universe and become the one to save the world. Enjoy engaging battle scenes created by yourself with your skills. Download the Marvel Contest of Champions mod and battle with famous Marvel characters directly.

Download Marvel Contest of Champions MOD APK (Menu, Auto-Fight/Unlimited Skills) Android

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