Marvel Confirms Spider-Man Would Make The Perfect Ghost Rider

There aren’t many similarities between the cunning, silent Ghost Rider and the fast-talking, wall-climbing Spider-Man, but Marvel has proven that anything is possible in the new cover art. Magic Knight #14 Fans get a glimpse of what would happen if Peter Parker became the Vengeful Spider-Man.

Over the next few months, Marvel Comics will be releasing multiple variations to the upcoming titles, including Magic Knight #23, will include a beautiful alternative cover of Rod Reis. Created to match the theme of the popular Spider-Man universe, ghost knight Variant art depicts Spider-Man as fans never imagined, a vengeful spirit riding motorcycles, tearing lives. This incredible art concept takes familiar elements from everyone’s favorite web avatar and combines them with the themes and powers of Johnny Blaze and his Ghost Rider friends. Peter appears in a cool red and black leather suit – complete with a flaming spider logo – although the front of his motorcycle carries his familiar old pattern and color scheme. His web has now turned into a flame whip, and the eyes on his flaming skull look a lot like the eye plate on his Spider-Man mask. Reis was able to put together a great character design, combining all the familiar powers of Ghost Rider with the little details big and small that made Spider-Man so famous, and of course, the popular flame. .

Meet your friendly neighbor Ghost Rider

This new Fiery Neighborhood Spider-Man fits easily into the already-expanding Spider-Man universe. The dimensional continuum linking countless spiders from many realities is now a well-known and recognizable concept. It came out in 2014 Amazing Spiderman #9 By Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel. The fan-favorite concept has given writers and artists the freedom to create quirky new versions of Spider-Man, including Spider-Man Noir, 2099 Spider-Man, and even Spider-Man as the music princess. Disney plays. Later this year, Spider-Man- Verse returns to Marvel Comics again Spider-Verse’s Edge An anthology limited series that will introduce new variations of Spider-Man and all new stories. To celebrate this upcoming release, various Marvel games ranging from x Men arrive Iron Man arrive ghost knight Get the Spider-Man treatment in new variation covers from some of the most talented cartoonists. Unfortunately, their creations aren’t a major part of Spider-Verse, but they certainly inspire fans to imagine what’s possible.

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When you think about it, it’s not far off for Peter Parker to become the vengeful spider. After all, it happened before. Fans will recall that the webhead reached an agreement with the infamous Spider-Man: One More DayWritten by J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada, he makes a deal with the devil of Marvel to save Aunt May. But what if, in an alternate universe, the deal doesn’t simply end Peter and MJ’s marriage, but instead has Creeper enslaved to become the Vengeful Spider? This change not only saves the comics but also gives fans a whole new perspective on Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.

Spider-Man would be great — without the taciturn Ghost Rider. With the powers of hell and fire enhancing his existing powers, he is nearly invincible and has the ability to make New York’s street crimes and villains repent of their sins properly. literal meaning. Ghost Rider and Spider-Man are both very different types of heroes, but as Reis’ variant cover has demonstrated, combining them can make for the perfect new addition to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Magic Knight #14 Will be released from Marvel Comics on May 10, 2023.

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