Martha Kent Finally Gets Her Own Superman Family Costume

Martha Kent, the centerpiece of the Superman family, finally has her own outfit for the new variation cover. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8, DC Comics brings readers 8 cover variations honoring the most powerful women in the DC Universe. Among these women, Martha Kent is the mother of Clark, the original Superman. Her condition at Kent Farm due to boarding action comics #1053.

Drawn by Eleonora Carlini, cover variation is action comics #1053 (officially released March 28 by DC Comics) depicts Martha Kent and several familiar faces, including her son Clark, nephew Jon, and Clark’s cousin Kara. Most notably, Ma Kent ended up wearing a Superman jacket designed just for her. As someone who has never had superpowers, this is the first time Martha has been given a costume of her own.

Without Martha Kent, This Man Would Never Be Superman

Ever since the moment Ma and Pa Kent discovered Superman as a child when his Kryptonian shell landed on Earth, Martha has raised her adopted child as if Clark were her own. Along with her husband, Jonathan, Martha plays an important role in Clarke’s journey to become a man more than just a superhero. She even handcrafted his first Superman costume, which makes it all the more appropriate for the rest of the Superman family to consider her as their gift.

Many of the key characteristics that define Clark as Superman are the values ​​Martha herself instilled in him. Empathy, sympathy for ordinary people, unrelenting kindness and concern for the world around… all these qualities can be seen in Martha, often in moments when Martha teaches give Superman a valuable lesson. Iron Dark Knight The proof is that Superman’s parents have the gift of inspiring others to become heroes, so much so that that gift transcends the universe. Arguably, Superman’s core as a character wouldn’t have existed without Martha raising him.

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In that respect, Martha is just as much a superhero as any member of the Justice League, except that she never needed powers or costumes to be a savior or a hero. Her contributions to the superhero field are unclear, but can make an impact even when she’s not on the battlefield. Still, seeing her finally get her own outfit feels like a satisfying way for those quiet contributions to finally be recognized in the biggest way possible. Meet more members of the Superman family on March 28 action comics #1053, Be sure to purchase a cover copy of Eleonora Carlini’s variation cover featuring Martha Kent.

Source: DC Comics

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