Doris Bridges: All About Marjorie Elaine Harvey’s Mother

Doris Bridges is an American celebrity mom who is best known as the mother of Marjorie Elaine Harvey, an American fashion designer, fashion blogger, and social media personality. For those wondering about Doris Bridges’ daughter’s last name, she is the third wife of Steve Harvey, the well-known African American comedian, actor, and TV show host.

Being the mother of a celebrity will understandably put anyone under the glare of the spotlight, particularly if that celebrity enjoys showing his or her mother off. Marjorie Harvey’s mom surely understands what that means, and this article focuses on all there is to know about the celebrity mom, Doris Bridges.

Doris Bridges is an American Citizen

Aside from the fact that she is the mother of one of the most easily recognizable public figures in the United States, not much is known about Doris Bridges, including the basic, pertinent details of her early life. For starters, there is no credible information on Doris’ date of birth, as well as the exact location of her birth in the United States.

Doris Bridges

The celebrity mom, however, cannot hide the fact that she is an American citizen or the fact that she belongs to the white ethnic group, a fact the public and the media have been made sufficiently aware of through the pictures her daughter, Majorie, posts on her Instagram page.

Similar to the absence of information on Doris Bridges’ birth particulars, the public and the media so far know next to nothing about Bridges’ birth family, including her parents, who are deceased in all likelihood, and her siblings, if she had any, and some of whom may also have been long gone from this world.

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Details of her formal education background are one of the things we have yet to uncover about the celebrity mother. Certain outlets have unconfirmed reports that suggest that she attended middle school, high school, and college at different points in her life. However, these reports have proven difficult to verify because of Bridges’ inclination toward privacy.

She is a Homemaker

Another aspect of this celebrity mom’s life that has noticeably gone under the radar is how she earned a living before her retirement. She has been silent about that, and her daughter Majorie has not seen the need to discuss the matter as well.

In all likelihood, she was a homemaker, but as previously stated, without her confirmation, we have no way of verifying that supposition.

Doris Bridges’ Husband is African American

One of the noticeable factors that increased the desire of the public and the media to get to know more about Majorie Elaine Harvey’s mother is the fact that while the celebrity mom was undisputedly white, Steve Harvey’s third wife had a different skin tone to her mother.

Doris Bridges

If the thought ever crossed your mind that Majorie Harvey may have been adopted, then you are far from the truth because Doris Bridges is married to an African American man reportedly from Memphis, Tennessee. Beyond the few pictures we have seen on Bridges’ daughter’s Instagram page, there is very little information about the man Doris Bridges has been married to for quite a long while now.

Even worse than his wife, we have no idea what his name is, where he was born, or what he did for a living, assuming he is now retired.

Doris Bridges Has Been Married For Over 6 Decades

Doris Bridges and her husband have been together as a married couple for over 60 years now. Despite not knowing enough about the details of their relationship before they tied the knot more than 6 decades ago, it would not be far-fetched to conclude that they had been together for longer than that.

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As we just pointed out, we don’t know how Doris Bridges met her husband, when they met, or where they met. We can, however, confirm that they saw enough of each other to come to the decision to settle down as man and wife on July 17, 1961.

Other salient features of the ceremony, including the venue and location of the wedding, have been overshadowed by subsequent events. It is a little bit conceivable to suggest that their families and friends graced the ceremony with their presence.

The alarming rate of divorces in this day and age makes the length of time Majorie Elaine Harvey’s parents have spent as a married couple more remarkable, and that is despite the challenges they have faced together, including Majorie’s father’s deteriorating health.

Majorie Elaine Harvey is Not Doris Bridges’ Only Child

We get to see a lot of Majorie Elaine Harvey and her mother because the fashion designer posts a lot of them on her Instagram page. This display of affection between mother and daughter has made it so that one could be forgiven for thinking that Majorie Elaine Harvey is the only child Doris Bridges had with her husband.

Doris Bridges

However, we can confirm that the celebrity mom welcomed another child, a son, a few years after she welcomed Majorie Elaine on October 10, 1964. Unlike her daughter, Doris Bridges’ only son lives his life away from the glare of the spotlight to the point that the family has yet to reveal his name, source of income, and current whereabouts.

Mother and daughter have, over the years, established an immensely satisfying relationship filled with love and support, virtues that were evident when Doris Bridges dealt with her husband’s health challenge. She didn’t have to do it alone because she had her daughter Majorie every step of the way.

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Doris Bridges is a Grandmother and a Great-Grandmother

They say three times is the charm, and it would appear that Majorie Elaine and Steve Harvey both agree with that premise as both are over 14 years into their third marriages, respectively. Nonetheless, Doris Bridges is a grandmother courtesy of the three children her daughter Majorie had from her previous marriages.

Doris Bridges’ daughter and her husband, Steve Harvey, do not share any biological children, but the celebrity mom is also a step-grandmother to the comedian’s four children from his previous marriages as well. Doris Bridges has also lived long enough to watch her daughter become a grandmother, and that has also afforded her the privilege of being a great-grandmother to her daughter’s seven grandchildren as of 2022.

She Still Lives in Memphis, Tennessee, With Her Husband

Following their marriage in 1971, Doris Bridges and her husband moved into their home in Memphis, Tennessee. Several confirmed reports suggest that the celebrity mom and her husband still live there to this day.

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