Mariel Molino Is Portrayed As Elena Santos In “The Watchful Eye”

Mariel Molino plays Elena Santos, the protagonist of Freeform’s new mystery series The Watchful Eye. Elena started working as a nanny for a wealthy family in Manhattan. Her life is turned upside down when she uncovers some unpleasant family secrets. Mariel Molino masterfully describes the mystery, pain, and tension that surrounds her character’s life. The Watchful Eye will launch on Freeform on January 30, 2023.

Mariel Molino’s childhood, numerous film and television endeavors as well as her role as Elena Santon in the film Vigilant Eye are all mentioned.

Mariel Molino is said to have been born in Mexico on December 18, 1992. Not much is known about her parents and her life, but according to some stories, she grew up in San Diego, California. Molino clearly had an interest in acting from an early age. She began performing in school plays when she was 6 years old. One of her earliest roles was in the Spanish TV show El juego de las llaves, where she played Gala, and her performance received mostly excellent reviews.

Recently, she was recognized for her outstanding performance in the ABC drama series The Promised Land, starring Carmen Sandoval. Cracy for Change and the upcoming series The Watchful Eye are among her other roles. Molino plays Elena Santos, a nanny who moves into a posh family home in Manhattan in Watchful Eye. But as he slowly uncovers some dark family secrets, he realizes that things are not as simple and pleasant as they seem. Elena Santos is at the center of the series trailer as she tries to unravel the myriad mysteries surrounding the family she works for and their background.

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More about the actors and the story of Vigil

Elena Santos is the main character of the series, and her life changes when she accepts a job as a nanny. The official description of the program, provided by Freeform on its YouTube account, is as follows:

“The Watchful Eye” follows Elena Santos, a young girl with a troubled past, as she works as a nanny for a wealthy family in Manhattan.

Mariel Molino

The summary continues,

“She quickly discovers that everyone in the mysterious structure is hiding terrible secrets and has hidden plans. What they don’t realize is that Elena has great secrets of her own. “

The movie is arguably Hitchcock’s thriller, and the trailer certainly provides some of the key points that distinguish Alfred Hitchcock’s films, ensuring an extraordinary experience for fans. Fans of iconic Alfred Hitchcock films like Rope, Dial M for Murder and Strangers on a Train are sure to love this series full of surprises. In the main supporting roles with Mariel Molino are such actresses as:

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