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The action game Major Mayhem 2 puts you on a noble mission to take down the bad guys. Enough quest maps appear around the world and you need to show enough fighting skills. Survive and come back as a real hero, the helicopter takes players everywhere on missions. Free to fight with a variety of weapons, you are the enemy’s nightmare. Finish with an explosion to make sure no enemies survive the fight. You help free many hostages safely and get bonuses, although that doesn’t make much sense using Major Mayhem 2 MOD.

When you reach the enemy area, you will be greeted by countless enemies and bullets. Find a safe hiding place, such as behind a tree or wall, to avoid being destroyed by them. There are many locations in the game screen that are constantly changing such as on a warship, in the forest, Major Mayhem 2 takes you to every place where criminals live. While these places are not necessarily good, you must fight to eliminate the bad place.

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Tap the screen to attack, and while the gameplay is action-packed, Major Mayhem 2 is truly entertaining. Players do not need to aim accurately, all enemies are instantly destroyed with just one bullet. In addition to killing enemies, the attack speed should not be too fast and it is easy to shoot the wrong hostage. It will not affect the main quest, but you will lose part of the bounty. Upon successful hostage taking, the player will receive a certain reward. Characters who stand in the military ranks. Agile and ready to attack when in danger. Game Major Mayhem 2 revolves around characters and weapons, two things you see when opening the game.

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2 different fighting styles

Major Mayhem 2 lets you choose to play by story or survive. In story mode, the player can explore many planets in the universe. Quests with increasing difficulty, find a way to survive without being defeated by the enemy. For survival mode, the player still needs to free the hostages, but you will have to face attacks. With multiple enemies attacking at once, they are harder to hide.

mayhem 2 MOD

change characters

Major Mayhem 2 has no named heroes, you can choose male or female characters. Also, change clothes and hats through combinations of different outfits. Pumpkin Hero, Jungle Camouflage, Santa’s Head, Major… Choose your favorite skin. You can choose between homogeneous or heterogeneous combinations. For example, use a Santa hat but wear Halloween-style clothes.

special weapon

In the battle of heroes, special weapons are always easy to find. The gameplay of Major Mayhem 2 not only allows you to use guns, but besides bows and arrows, darts are also effective weapons in some battles. In addition, there are many other weapons that are more dangerous. Destroy hordes of opponents with a single bullet. Quadzdooka, Chicken Cannon, Plasma Rifle are among the advanced weapons. The daily items in the shop are a display of a variety of weapons for players to own at a cheap price. Super Case offers a wide variety of weapons with three different priced cases. Download Major Mayhem 2 MOD Players can open as many times as they want to receive valuable treasures.

Mayhem 2 Download MOD

Major Mayhem 2 fight with you, many bad guys are holding hostage. You are here to destroy them and save innocent people. With a diverse weapon system and many attractive missions, the game offers unprecedented fierce battles. Download Major Mayhem 2 MOD to start the war, destroy the powerful evil, attack and restore peace.

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