This TikTok parent revealed how she found happiness and strength after her boyfriend left her when she was 7 weeks pregnant.

Maia Knight (@maiaknight) is a TikToker and parent of 2 adorable baby girls. In a recent video, Maia shared the story of how her boyfriend left her when she became pregnant, and how she was able to overcome her heartbreak and become a stronger, happier person.

The video begins with Maia sitting in front of the camera wearing a black sweatshirt with her hair up in a bun. Maia begins to lip-sync the words to a song by Sarah Cothran, as text appears on screen telling the story of her emotional pregnancy journey.

“I randomly decided to take a pregnancy test one morning before heading to work. It was positive,” Maia recalls. “I scheduled an appointment with my OB and found out I was 5 weeks pregnant with twins. After telling [my boyfriend], he told me to get an abortion and to stop contacting him when I was 7 weeks pregnant.”

Maia adjusts her necklace and twirls a few strands of hair in front of her face as she continues to lip-sync. She leans in close to the camera and another caption appears, which reads, “I moved in with my mom and kept my pregnancy a secret from the world and sank into a deep depression, so scared of how I was going to be a single mom to two little girls.”

As Maia continues to share her story, she begins to smile. “At my 34 week appointment, my OB told me I had preeclampsia and admitted me to the hospital. I started having contractions, went into heart failure, and was taken by ambulance to a hospital 3 hours away,” she recalls.

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Next, the camera cuts to a new shot. Maia is still sitting in front of the camera wearing the same outfit, but now she holds two adorable baby girls on her lap. As she bounces them lightly and pinches their cheeks, the final caption appears on screen. It reads, “I had two amazing little girls that are my best friends and I realized I could do this. I had my family and my friends to support me. All my dreams are coming true.”

The video ends as Maia hugs her daughters and smiles joyfully at the camera.

Viewers applauded Maia’s strength and resilience.

“Just beautiful! I hope you inspire other women who are feeling overwhelmed that the unexpected can be life’s greatest blessing!” commented one viewer.

“He probably sees you on this platform and is like, ‘Wow, she is so much better than I’ll ever be.’ Keep going girl!” another TikToker wrote.

While Maia’s pregnancy journey was difficult, her story is proof that hope and joy can come from challenging experiences!

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