Mad Max: Zoe Kravitz Voices Her Opinion on Furiosa Being Recast For Prequel

Crazy Max: Road of Rage Actress Zoë Kravitz shares her thoughts on Imperator Furiosa reprising for the upcoming prequel to the series. Crazy Max: Road of Rage Released in 2015, it was well received by fans and critics alike, and even won six Academy Awards at the 2016 Academy Awards. Original trilogy director George Miller returned to the scene. directing the film, starring Tom Hardy in the title role, Charlize Theron as Furiosa and Nicholas Hoult as Nux. Kravitz had a supporting role in a movie called Toast the Knowing.

After the film’s success, Miller soon announced that he wanted to do more maximum crazy next part. crazy max 5 Been in development for the past few years, but only confirmed a few months ago crazy max 5 is a prequel to Furiosa. While Theron has previously expressed interest in a Furiosa spinoff, this year it was also revealed that the actress will not be returning for the role and will instead be re-cast by a panelist. younger stars. This worries fans of Theron’s performance in the film. Crazy Max: Road of Rageand now Theron’s co-stars have spoken out about the incident.

in an interview mixed happiness During the podcast, Kravitz briefly talked about the Furiosa spin-off and her thoughts on Miller’s re-creation of the character. Kravitz was mostly positive about Theron’s recast, saying, “If I remember correctly, he always said that he wanted to do a prequel to Furiosa. I didn’t know he would recast her. Listen, man, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Fury Road, it’s to shut up and trust George Miller. I just want to shut up and say go to work guru because I don’t know what else I can say to that person. “

While a Furiosa prequel has been confirmed to be in the works, little is known about a Mad Max spinoff. Jodie Comer and Anya Taylor-Joy are both rumored to play the young Furiosa, but there has been no official casting announcement yet. While Theron won’t be in the film, Hardy may be involved, depending on when the film is released. Hardy Signs Three maximum crazy A sequel, so while the Furiosa prequel might be one of those movies, Warner Bros. will also be back with more sequels if they choose to expand the series.

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Miller proved himself as a director with four performances maximum crazy Movie. While fans may worry that they won’t see Theron return to the big screen as Furiosa, the series is well warranted as long as Miller continues to direct. Crazy Max: Road of Rage As the best movie in the series, most fans will be eager to see a sequel in the series, no matter who plays Furiosa.

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