Machete Kills: Cast & Character Guide

Here is the cast and character guide kill machete. The character Machete first appeared in a Robert Rodriguez film spy boy series, which later had its own film of the same name and a sequel in 2013 kill machete. To complicate the character’s journey to the big screen, the concept of a true killer movie began in 2007. windmillRodriguez and Quentin Tarantino then co-directed Double Act.

Tarantino at the wheel Death Certificate Director Rodriguez terrorist planet because windmilland other filmmakers like Edgar Wright and Rob Zombie made the trailer for the spoof thriller.Rodriguez contributed macheteshows Danny Trejo taking revenge on those who harmed him. machete The preview is supposed to be the most overrated element windmillA few years later, Rodriguez shot a feature-length version that reused footage from the fake trailer. The movie was successful and kill machete is the second part of the trilogy of plans.

In reality, kill machete The fake trailer for the third movie is a bit ahead of its time – titled The machete kills again…in space – Play before the second movie starts. kill machete It was disappointing at the box office and plans for another production were shelved. This is a guide Murder machete’ Actors and roles.

Danny Trejo as Machete Cortez

Star Danny Trejomy criminal career) is returned as the main character kill macheteThe sequel seems to put him on a quest to avenge his murdered comrade and is tasked by the President with bringing down a revolutionary – which only reveals an even more bizarre plot. than. Trejo has 400 epic credits including hot, break Bad There is much more.

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Michelle Rodriguez as Luz

another returning player kill machete The cast and character list is Michelle Rodriguez as Luz, the head of an illegal immigration movement called The Network. When Machete’s latest mission fails, she helps Machete out of trouble and joins the final battle. Rodriguez is best known for participating in Fast and furious Movies and other hits like Avatar.

Demián Bichir as Marcos Mendes

Demián Bichir stole the show kill machete As Mendez, a revolutionary with a divided personality. However, Mendes’ story is more than it seems, and he is being manipulated by other forces. Bichir has many notable titles, including Eight hateful And Godzilla vs King Kong.

Mel Gibson as Voz

Murder machete’ The real villain is Mel Gibson’s Voz, an evil businessman moon cityA plot to destroy the world and promote a new society in space. Gibson’s best acting credits include maximum crazy And lethal weapon franchise, in addition to directing movies like brave Heart.

Walton Goggins / Cuba Gooding Jr. / Lady Gaga / Antonio Banderas as El Chameleón

one of the most unique kill machete The character is El Chameleón, a shapeshifting assassin who follows the famous hero. El Chameleón is played by four different actors in the film, starting with Walton Goggins (son of anarchy), at Cuba Gooding Jr (Jerry Maguire), Lady Gaga (a star was born) and finally Antonio Banderas (daredevils).

Machete kills supporting characters and characters

Sofia Vergara (Knife Killing)

Sofia Vergara as Lady Desdemona

Sofia Vergara (modern family) is Lady Desdemona Murder machete’ Actress, she is known for her Gatling Gun bra. Desdemona is an old woman in a brothel who wants revenge on Machete when her daughter is killed.

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Carlos Estevez as President Rathcock

Charlie Sheen (Complete any male house) chose to use the real name Carlos Estévez kill macheteHe plays the president in the action movie sequel, forcing Machete on a mission to investigate Mendes.

Amber Heard as “Miss San Antonio”

Murder machete’ Actress Amber Heard (Neptune) as Machete’s liaison during his quest, it is later revealed that he has allied himself with Voz. She is also an enemy of Rodriguez’s Luz.

Jessica Alba as Sartana Rivera

Although not included in kill machete Actor and character, Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba) reprises her role in the original film. Sadly, it was only a cameo, she appears in the opening scene as Machete’s aide, Sartana, who was later murdered by Voz.

machete to kill the guest

kill machete In terms of guest appearances, the cast and characters list is huge, including Vanessa Hudgens as Cereza – Lady Desdemona’s daughter – Tom Savini as the reformed assassin Osiris and Alexa Vega as KillJoy. William Sadler also plays a racist sheriff who angers Machete in his cameo of Elon Musk.

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