Luther: The Fallen Sun Ending Explained

netflix Luther: The Falling Sun A fitting sequel to the original BBC series, its action-packed ending is the perfect note to leave the characters alone. Luther: The Falling Sun As a sequel to the BBC series, luthier, follows DCI John Luther, who will go to great lengths to catch criminals. The Netflix series sees Luther imprisoned after the end of the original series, but the return of Luther’s past serial killer causes the disgraced detective to escape to complete his mission.

Luther: The Falling Sun Its plot setting is good enough to be accessible to fans of the original luthier The series is like the newcomers. However, with the change in Netflix movie endings, it can be difficult to discern the connection between the sequences of events. This is the end Luther: The Falling Sun Detailed explanation.

What Happened to Luther: The End of the Fallen Sun

this Luther: The Falling Sun The finale is chock full of action, leading to the capture of the film’s main villain, David Robbie. Entering the finale, DCI Odette Raine discovered that Robey had kidnapped her daughter. Desperate to get her back, she almost gives Luther to Robbie, but instead they decide to work together to take down Robbie and save Rain’s daughter. Wren’s daughter’s fake corpse upsets Wren, causing Wren and Luther to be captured by Robbie, who plans to have them torture each other in the Red Bunker in exchange for Wren’s daughter’s safety.

Luther (Idris Elba) eventually takes advantage of Robbe’s escape plan, and they end up fighting in the snow, leading to a car crash and Robbe’s arrest. After Robbie was arrested, Luther was told he would have to go back to prison, but he was taken to a safe house instead. Government officials visited him, Luther: The Falling Sun The segment ends with Luther boarding with the officials as a free man.

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Why Raine Decided To Work With Luther


Enter Luther: The Falling Sun Finally, DCI Rain’s morals are tested when Robbie kidnaps her daughter Anya. As a condition of ensuring Anya’s safe return, Robbie asked Ryan to “deal with lutherFor him. Although it was initially clear in the Netflix movie that Lane intended to hand Luther over to Robbie, Lane quickly changed his mind and decided to team up with Luther to take down Robbie. While working with Luther was in Lane’s best interests, the reason for her change of heart wasn’t immediately clear, as she was vehemently opposed to Luther’s involvement in the case throughout. movie.

Raine decides to work with Luther to defeat Robey Luther: The Falling Sun The ending doesn’t mean that Ryan has a good impression of Luther. Instead, it’s because Luther points out that if Raine meets Robey’s requirements, then she’s just another pawn in Robey’s game she’s in. Even though Raine doesn’t want to work with Luther and still doesn’t like him, he is the lesser of the two evils and working with Luther gives Raine the best chance of getting Anya in Luther: The Falling Sun The plot of the film is complete.

History of Robey and Georgette, explained

Georgette Luther

exist Luther: The Falling Sun, sees Robbie visit a woman named Georgette, who is clearly hurting. The two are somehow related, but its exact nature is not clear at first. However, Raine’s computer screen revealed the truth. Robey and Georgette were married, and when Georgette was about to leave Robey to get away with his crimes, he tried to kill her in a house fire, the same way he escaped his victims at the beginning of the film. Georgette survived the severe burns but Robbie told PEOPLE she was dead and used the sob story to get closer to the victim’s family.

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Why Robbie Made the Red Bunker in Luther: Fallen Sun

Robert Ruther

at the end of netflix movie Luther: The Falling Sun, revealing that Robbie kidnapped people to torture and kill them on the air, with his viewers voting on how they wanted his victims to die. Robey’s plan is inspired by real-life urban legends.”red room‘, Robbie calls his streamred bunkerRobbie is a sadistic villain who loves to have an audience. So the Red Bunker authenticates Robey, which makes Robey feel better about having the same kind of secrets he blackmails other people for. It was Luther’s mockery of Robbie that led to the villain’s Reason for Failure.

Luther: Fallen Sun’s Killer Motive Explained

Luther Andy Serkis .'s Fallen Sun

in Netflix movies Luther: The Falling Sun, Robey blackmailed people with their darkest secrets because they were often so embarrassed that they would do anything to make sure their secrets didn’t come out. Although there was no clear time for Robbie to reveal why he did these actions, Luther annoyed Robbie by exposing his true nature. Robbie’s reaction to Luther mocking him and his behavior reveals the real reason Robbie targets insecure people and commits these crimes.

At the end of the day, Robbie targets people who are ashamed of their deep dark secrets because they remind him of himself. Luthor points out that aside from Robbie committing these crimes, he’s really just a worried, pitiful human being, and that’s the real motive behind Robbie’s behavior in the streaming platform’s movies. Because Robey is ashamed of who he is and worried about his choices, he targets people like him as an act of self-punishment and a way to control feelings.

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Why didn’t Luther return to the prison at the end of the sunset


After the event Luther: The Falling Sun, Luther woke up in a safe house instead of a prison. Soon after, a group of government officials arrived, neither Luther nor Schenk understood why they were here. One of the officials congratulated Luther”here you are‘, opened the car door and motioned for Luther to come with him, which Luther eventually did. While it’s interesting that Luther won’t be returning to prison after the Netflix series ends, it’s unclear why he’s now being freed because after they took out Robbie, Luther made it clear at first that Luther must return to prison when he is done with the job.

While it’s not entirely clear why Luther was not sent back to prison, it is reasonable to assume that his actions in Robbie’s case led to Luther’s exoneration. When government officials arrived, Schenk assumed they went to the safe house to meet Luther because “theCareer opportunitiesthis may indicate that the government values ​​Luther’s skill and dedication more than his previous actions. Will Luther find a new job after the Netflix series ends? Luther: The Falling Sun The ending opened the door for Luther’s next adventures in the future.

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