Who Is Lulu Everly? Meet The Beautiful Girlfriend Of Louis Partridge!

Lulu Everly Biography

The English actor and model Louis Partridge began his acting career in supporting roles in short films like Beneath Water and About a Dog. He is best known for his roles as Tewkesbury in the Netflix original movies Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2, where he co-stars with Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill, and Sid Vicious in the miniseries Pistol.

The young actor is very classy and amazing. Even though he is at the start of his career, his skills and hard-working nature can be depicted in his work. Known for his great role, he is currently in the media for his love life. There are rumors that he is dating Lulu Everly, but there are various confusions and speculations about who Lulu is.

So, this article lets us know Lulu’s true identity and relationship with the dashing Louis. So, let’s get started.

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Lulu Is From Britain

Like Louis, Lulu is also from Wandsworth, England. As per the sources, Lulu is just 16 years old and is currently studying in Wandsworth, England. It is also her hometown. Both spent their childhood in the same city and studied at the same school. Her parents bought her up with her two siblings. She is the youngest family member.

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Lulu Is Very Pretty

Lulu has got very sharp features and is very pretty. She is 5ft 3inch tall and has got amazingly beautiful brown hair. Her deep and dark brown eyes add to her overall beauty most magnificently. Her pretty smile makes her even more beautiful and charming. She is very simple and is not seen wearing makeup usually. Most profoundly, she is found wearing straight hair and lipgloss that compliment her in the best possible manner.

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Lulu Is At The Beginning Of Her Career

Modeling has been Lulu Everly’s first career route. She has posted her films and photographs from photo shoots on Instagram, where she also posts as Millie Partridge. Her modeling job’s backstage film has drawn much attention from admirers. But since 2021, she has kept everything the same regarding her employment. Though her lip-sync videos on TikTok have more than 11 million likes, she is well-recognized. Since 2020, she has had a large following on TikTok.

Lulu’s Real Name Is Millie Partridge

While the fans are looking forward to Lulu as Louis’ girlfriend, a few confusions are linked. The first thing is the real name of Lulu is Millie Partridge. Secondly, both Millie and Louis went to the same school.

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Lulu And Louis Are Probably Siblings

While the internet is flooded with speculations that Louis and Lulu are dating. Still, there are chances that these two are siblings. Based on their place of birth, schooling, and real names, it is speculated that the two are real siblings and are not dating. Also, a post from her sister Issie on social media confirms that these three are siblings.

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Lulu Is Leo

As far as the sun sign goes, Lulu is Leo and flaunts all the characteristics of the same. She is bold and confident by nature. She loves to speak her mind and is very ambitious.

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Lulu Is Single

As the rumor of Lulu and Louis gets cleared up, it is clear that she is not dating anyone. She is currently single and more focused on her career.

Lulu Is Active On Social Media

Lulu is very active on social media platforms. She frequently shares videos and pictures of her over the platform with her fans and friend. Her Instagram account is under the ID @milllie.sj.partridge, with around 3k followers.

Well, that’s quite clear that Louis and Lulu, aka Millie, are not dating but are siblings. The two share a deep bond of love and are seen hooting for each other, which is great. Well, we hope to see this beautiful partridge family together soon.

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