Who Is Kirby Johnson (Luke Eisner Girlfriend)? Tall Girl Actor Relationship With His Actor Partner

Many people were moved by Luke Eisner’s portrayal of Stig Mohlin in Tall Girl. Fans are curious about Luke Eisner’s girlfriend, Kirby Johnson. Let’s find out together!

Luke Eisner is a model, musician, and actor best known for his appearance in the 2019 Netflix original film Tall Girl. He also played Stig, a Swedish foreign student, as a character in the film. Luke has played Taylor in Netflix movies and the TV show Timeline.

Luke started out in the profession as a model as well. He has appeared in ads for well-known global corporations like as Calvin Klein, American Eagle, Revolve, H&M, and others. If you want to learn more about him and uncover some amazing facts about him, please read the entire article.

Luke Eisner And His Girlfriend Kirby Johnson
Luke Eisner And His Girlfriend Kirby Johnson

Who Is Luke Eisner’s Girlfriend Kirby Johnson?

Luke Eisner, a young actor on the rise, is currently seeing Kirby Johnson, a lovely woman. Kirby, an American actress, looks to be in the spotlight as a result of her connection with Luke. Furthermore, the couple has been dating since 2018.

The couple is well-known on social media, and we often see them in one other’s posts. Furthermore, they make a stunning couple, and their couple photos are a visual treat. The couple appears to be much in love and to have a close relationship.

Similarly, the couple is usually seen hanging out and enjoying fun together while holding hands. Luke also features regularly in Kirby’s Reels. She regularly says in her reels that he is “prettier than she.”

Based on their posts, the couple looks to be in a highly passionate and romantic relationship. Luke has made repeated comments to his desire to marry her. It’s probable that the couple has wedding arrangements in the works. For the time being, though, he wishes to advance his acting profession.

Kirby Johnson: Who Is She?

Kirby Johnson, an American actress, was born and reared on the Florida island of Key Largo. She is particularly well-known for her role as Hannah Grace, the titular character, in the Sony film “The Possession of Hannah Grace.”

She also starred in the 2013 television show “Hollywood Coach.” Kirby is an outstanding dancer, and her moves can be seen on her social media pages. Kirby also works as a professional dancer, contortionist, actor, and influencer.

Similarly, Kirby grew up in a Californian town in her own nation, the United States. She is also a social media influencer, with over 207k Instagram followers. She currently has over 1 million followers on her TikTok account and is well-known for her social media engagement.

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Surprisingly, millions of people watch her viral videos on her social media sites. Her reels are really popular on the app. Luke and Kirby have an amusing YouTube channel called Kirby and Luke Diaries, where they routinely post vlogs, replies, storytime, fashion, and lifestyle films. Their channel has already received over 30K subscribers.

Age Difference Between Luke Eisner and Girlfriend Kirby Johnson

The so-called ‘IMG Models’ Luke is 26 years old at the time of writing. His zodiac sign is Leo. Furthermore, he was born in 1996. His birthdate is on the first of August. He weighs 78 kg. Luke, on the other hand, stands at 6 feet 2 inches. His physique is athletic, with measurements of 42-31-36 inches.

Luke is also a lovely individual with blonde hair and blue eyes. The handsome model Luke draws attention wherever he goes. He was born in the Greendale neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

His girlfriend, Kirby Johnson, was born on February 12th, 1986, and she is currently 26 years old. Luke Eisner and her were born in the same year. The age difference between the two is actually rather little.

Kirby Johnsons, Luke Eisner’s girlfriend, is only six months older than Luke Eisner, who was born in the same year. Despite being born on Key Largo, Florida, Kirby was raised in California. She was also born under the sign of Aquarius. She weights 110 pounds and stands 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her physical measurements are same 33-23-33. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are blue.

Parents and Family of Luke Eisner

Luke Eisner was born to Bill Eisner (father) and Denise Eisner (mother) (mother). He was born into a middle-class household and raised in it. Furthermore, he follows Christianity as his religion. Luke Eisner looks to have a close relationship with his parents and other family members. His parents truly support him in his work and are quite proud of him.

Bill, his father, was an advertising and marketing professional and consultant. His paternal grandmother is Elaine, and his paternal grandfather is William, a renowned designer. He is, in fact, from a creative and talented family.

According to accounts, Luke Eisner’s father was admitted to Froedtert for treatment of an ailment. Luke was consistently present for him during his hospital stay, caring for and assisting him. He also shared several photos of himself and his father on his Instagram account.

Unfortunately, Luke’s father died two years ago following a six-year fight with cancer. Luke shared on social media that his father, Bill, died of cancer in November 2019. His mother, on the other hand, tries to avoid the camera, which is why we don’t see her as much on Luke’s page.

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Luke Eisner
Luke Eisner

Luke Eisner’s Net Worth And Career

When it comes to his career, Luke Eisner began working at a very young age. Furthermore, he has always wanted to create books since they fascinate him. His cousins in Wisconsin operated a significant wedding DJ business called Sound by Design when he was a kid. He began working for the firm at the age of 13. He purchased lighting equipment after doing work for his cousins.

In addition, he formed Luke Eisner DJ and Lighting LLC as his own company. For this ambitious attempt, he was named the Wisconsin Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2013. He was an adolescent ambassador for Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU). Furthermore, he provided free musical performances to troops who were confined to their houses. He began his modeling career after a modeling scout noticed him near his home.

How wealthy is Luke Eisner?

Luke Eisner’s net worth is primarily derived from his professional career as a musician, performer, and model. He plays the romantic lead in Tall Girl, a Netflix original film. Luke’s modeling resume includes campaigns for brands such as Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Calvin Klein, H&M, Revolve, and Stuart Weitzman. He is represented by reputable agencies such as IMG Models, Vision Models, Elite Models, and Model Work Agency.

Luke’s music career has also received accolades and attention from magazines such as Billboard, BBC Music Introducing, Pandora, and Live Nation’s “Ones to Watch.” Luke is a member of the Pop/Rock band “VOIL.” VOIL has supported artists such as X Ambassadors, The Fray, and Kesha on their North American tours. In 2019, he began his acting career. Among his seven credits are four films and three television shows.

Eisner Is a Model and Actor

Eisner had a successful modeling career before partnering with Ross on music. When he moved to Los Angeles, he was scouted at a hair salon. The shop owner thought he had modeling looks and recommended he try out.

Luke, who is represented by IMG Models, has appeared in ads for H&M and Calvin Klein. However, the modeling environment and L.A. lifestyle required some getting used to.

“I remember being in this shot and there’s a man with a bucket of potatoes tossing the potatoes at me to catch for the photos.” I’m in this big robe, wearing makeup for the first time in my life, and my hair is all wavy, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘what has happened?’ “It all hit me at once, literally, as the potatoes flew at me,” Luke recalled.

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He is glad for the opportunity, however, because it gave him the financial independence he needed to pursue music and acting.

After making his breakthrough with VOIL, who are about to release their debut album, Eisner moved on to acting. Eisner is getting his first significant role in Netflix’s young coming-of-age romance, Tall Girl, after tiny roles in shows like The Goldbergs.

He plays Stig, a new student at the high school where our protagonist Jodi (Ava Michelle Cota) attends. Jodi’s towering stature has made her the target of the nasty popular ladies, while all she wants is to fall in love with someone she doesn’t have to squat down to reach.

Jodi is immediately taken with the tall and attractive Stig. But her arch-enemy gets him first. Jodi must now embark on a voyage of self-discovery with the assistance of her sister and best friend. Tall Girl witnesses her coming to terms with her body image and growing more secure in her ability to win over the boy she likes.

Luke Eisner
Luke Eisner

Luke Eisner’s Character in Tall Girl

Tall Girl is named after the character Jodi, who is self-conscious about her height. Her height caused her to be teased at school. After several years, she resolves to stand tall on her own. During this period of several years, Luke Eisner plays a significant role in imparting the character Stig and other characters.

Stig towers over Jodi in stature. He turns out to be Jodi’s crush, and Stig forces her into a love triangle. She becomes a brave girl who can stand in front of anyone thanks to the efforts of her two best friends and her sister.

Luke Eisner Fast Facts

  • According to Wikipedia, he is an all-around great actor who starred in the Netflix film “Tall Girl (2019).”
  • His nationality is American, and he is of White ethnicity.
  • August 1 is his birthday.
  • Luke Eisner has a 26-year-old age.
  • Kirby Johnson is his girlfriend’s name.
  • His astrological sign is Leo.
  • He has around 170,000 Instagram followers.
  • He has already been in a number of music videos.
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