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23 May 2022-released Dubai Hustle is BBC Three’s answer to Selling Sunset. And though labeled as simply another silly, sensational TV show, it stars some incredible group of mostly 20-something British estate agents you would love to meet. Lucas Sturman, whom we are going to discuss in the rest of the writing, is one of them.

So, as Lucas shines in the group of young, driven real estate brokers who work with and against each other to sell high-end properties in the glitz of the Dubai market, here’s a ‘Lucas Sturman Bio’ that you have been looking for.

Lucas Sturman On Dubai Hustle

Dubai Hustle follows Lucas Sturman’s and the others’ fortunes as they navigate their way through the complexities of the city’s strict code of conduct. There is no set salary and they only get paid commission. So, Lucas and everyone need to sell a house after house to thrive.

And then there is also romance and rivalries making it not strictly business. Houses are not the only things Lucas and his estate agent co-stars have to fight about.

Lucas who comes with the motto that a real estate broker is not a salesperson but a matchmaker, is the youngest broker in the show. But this certainly does not mean he is any less ambitious than the others. In fact, it appeared his game plan is to retire already by his early twenties. And the other time when he does not have his eyes all set on the prize, the show promises to show him trying to woo his colleagues, specifically Ellie and Jess.

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Dubai Hustle if you need to know is set and filmed in Dubai with luxury locations including The Palm. Houses featured in the show from this part of the world are huge and stunning.

Lucas Sturman’s Net Worth

Lucas Sturman reportedly had less than $200K as his net worth as of 2022.

Growing up, Lucas was immersed in real estate and is knowledgeable and passionate about the industry. So, maybe that was the reason that he went to Ravenswood school to study Business from 2013 through 2020.

In between in 2019, Lucas worked as a part-time accountant at Publicis. Then, it was the June of 2021, when he started working full-time as a Palm Jumeirah sales broker at Haus & Haus. And so now he is assigned with many properties that are for sale in Dubai.

Does Lucas Sturman Have A Girlfriend?

Lucas Sturman has always loved networking and building long-lasting relationships. But, when it comes to his personal life relationship, he likely appeared to be single as of the time of this writing. As of 2022, he had not talked about any of his romances. His social media also did not give away any hints about his dating life from now or in the past.

Lucas Sturman Family

Despite saying ‘yes’ to being a part of a reality show, Lucas Sturman does not seem to enjoy putting his personal life out there for others to see. As a result, there is not much one could tell about his family or its background. A few things we discovered from his social media is that he has a very loving grandfather, his old man; who gave him a pendant with the writings “To my Grandson. never forget that I love you. I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you” inscribed on it.

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The other family members/relatives that we know of Lucas are Clare Sturman; Kerry Sturman of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, now married and based in Johannesburg, Gauteng; Callum Sturman of London, the United Kingdom who studied at the University of Brighton; Paul Sturman of Johannesburg, Gauteng, a director of Hoochie Coochies Street Food; Lou Thomas of Sheerness, now based in Johannesburg, Gauteng; and Bill Sturman, a Motcombe inhabitant.

Lucas Sturman Age

By the time they were filming Season 1 of Dubai Hustle in 2021, Lucas had reached the age of 19.

Is Lucas Sturman On Instagram?

Lucas Sturman could be found on Instagram @lucas.sturman where he had 34 posts and 2,222 followers as of 26 May 2022.

Lucas also shared glimpses of his personal and professional life on ‘Lucas Sturman’ Facebook.

  • When Is Lucas Sturman’s Birthday?

Lucas Sturman’s birthday is on the 12th of August. And despite people telling him August is a bad time to have a birthday, he was happy last year as this day at least was not during COVID’s quarantine. Also, this means, Lucas’s zodiac sign is Leo.

  • Where Is Lucas Sturman From?

Lucas Sturman hails from London, in the United Kingdom. And he relocated to Dubai to encourage people to take advantage of the endless opportunities there, also professionally aspiring to bring the best properties to and from the market. Nevertheless, Lucas already had started his career in investment broking while in London.

  • How Tall Is Lucas Sturman?

Very good-looking Lucas Sturman with the physique and looks of a model stands above 5’10” tall.

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