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Meet Loza Alexader, the viral rapper behind the viral song Let’s Go, Brandon. So ever since he started charting iTunes, everyone started asking who he is. where is he from and questions related to his family.

Please scroll down as this Wikipedia lineage of Alexander gives you information about his family, wife and child, and his real name.

Meet Loza Alexander, the rapper behind the viral song “Let’s Go Brandon”

Loza Alexander, a rapper from New Jersey, went viral with his hit song “Let’s Go Brandon.” The song made a big impact as an internet meme, but then it hit the iTunes hip-hop charts and caught everyone’s attention. The trend went viral after NASCAR star Brandon Brown’s interview with NBC reporter Kelli Stavast.

The reporter mistakenly interpreted “F*** Joe Biden” as “Come on Brandon.” At the time of writing, the song was ranked number two on the iTunes Hip Hop chart. While the song has garnered 2.04 million views as of this writing.

The viral rapper also released a video behind which Brandon is interviewed.

Lineage Aleksandar Doba

In October 2021, Loza Alexander was 33 years old.

loza alexander family

Loza Alexander was born to father Brian Loza and mother Wanda Alexander. While she kept her parents off social media, she could never stop bragging about her parents on her Twitter. In July 2019, she thanked her mother and her father for giving her the best childhood anyone could imagine.

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Also, the rapper credited his parents with the fact that he became a family man. He couldn’t stop twittering about her mom, because he was the closest thing to her. “I love my mom so much she is unreal… She is the most amazing person in my life and she has helped me and…” Loza tweeted on November 1, 2013.

While, as an artist, Loza said that he only wanted to make songs to make his mother happy and that he did not care about anyone else.

In addition, Loza is one of the two children of Brian and Wanda. He has a sister named Brittney Loza whom he loves very much. Judging from his tweets, he is also very close to his beloved sister.

In addition to her parents and her sister, Loza also talked about her cousin who died horribly at the age of 6. But since her cousin’s mother didn’t care too much about the death of her son, Loza hated her.

Does Loza Alexander have a girlfriend?

Loza Alexander is a divorced father. He and the love of his life (whose name he never revealed) got married on October 12, 2013. On October 13, he tweeted: “I’m a married man now… No more girl bullshit I deal with lol.. I finally found your soul mate. We did… http://FB.me/18a0RJu8V”. A month later, the newlyweds got a joint apartment.

Before marrying her, he even composed a song for her.

Together, Loza and his ex-wife had a son named Akai King Loza on March 18, 2014. He is therefore 7 years old at the time of writing this article. But back in 2015, the rapper’s marriage to his wife hit rock bottom and they separated. He also tweeted about going to marriage therapy in January 2015.

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Although he was going through marital problems, Loza loved his wife. “The only woman I’m chasing is my wife…the only woman I’m trying to win back is her…I’m not chasing anyone else,” he tweeted on April 14, 2016.

Supposedly, their divorce was finalized in 2017.

After his marriage broke up, it was even more difficult for him to see his son because Akai lived with his mother. He wrote countless tweets about the separation of his beloved son and could never have imagined what kind of life he would have due to the divorce of Akai’s parents.

According to Loza’s April 2018 tweet, her son had autism.

The only woman Loza Alexander had in his life was his ex-wife. He and his ex-wife have gotten along well over the years. However, in September 2018, Loza revealed that he had a new girlfriend, whom he addressed as his wife. “It’s me, my son and my new wife… any other touch of my son’s body becomes a body… everything,” he tweeted.

Alexander Net Worth Lineage

Loza Alexander finally shines as a hip-hop artist and has a net worth of less than $500k. She actively created music and gathered 156 thousand listeners per month on her Spotify account. Besides Let’s Go Brandon, some of her songs are FAFO, Dear Trump, Wake Up America, Proud Boy, Dear Tom Mac Donald and some others.

She is also on YouTube (Loza Alexander) with 88.7k verified subscribers.

In addition to selling music, he also makes money selling merchandise including the Let’s Go Brandon Hat, Let’s Go Brandon Platinum Loza Dad Hat, Hoodies, Make Music Great Again Hats, MAGA iPhone Case, T-shirts and Joggers.

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  • Is Loza Alexander on TikTok, Facebook?

Yes, Loza Alexader is on TikTok and on Facebook. His name on TikTok is @lozaalexander and on Facebook he is @loza-alexander.9. His Twitter name is @ImLozaAlexander.

  • How tall is Loza Alejandro?

The Alexander vine is up to 5 feet 9 inches tall.

  • What is the true name of Alexander’s lineage?

Loza Alexander’s real name is Shawn Michael Loza. He adopted the surnames of both parents and was nicknamed Loza Alexander.

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