Lost: The 10 Saddest Things About Desmond Hume, Ranked

lost Filled with some great characters. While most people remember the movie for its gripping mysteries, it was the characters that kept fans coming back for years. The core cast is obviously great, but lost It also does something really complicated – it introduces new characters who prove to be as interesting, complicated, and ultimately beloved as the established core cast.

One of these characters is Desmond Hume. Introduced in season two (but not as a main character until season three), Desmond immediately impressed audiences. This is likely due to his tragic backstory, which proved to be as sad and invested as any other.

His insane abilities (and resulting responsibility)

One thing that helps Desmond stand out is his ability to mentally plan for different time periods. As shown in The Constant (possibly lostfavorite episode), an ability with dire and potentially deadly consequences.

This is obviously an annoying feature (if convenient), but it also comes with a host of responsibilities – most of which are incredibly stressful. For example, Desmond must constantly decide whether to save Charlie, let him die, or let him know he is dying.

attacked by ben

Desmond attacks Ben

maybe the fifth season lostmost ambitious. It also contains a very tragic subplot about Desmond and Penny. At the end of the fourth season, Desmond finally left the island and reunited with Penny. He wanted to settle down with the love of his life, and they even got married and had a child, named Charlie.

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Unfortunately, the island blocks the way. He goes to London to find Eloise, and is attacked by Ben, who shoots Desmond and tries to shoot Penny. Desmond was completely unable to find peace and security – even after leaving the island and getting married.

regretfully fired

Desmond was humiliatingly fired

Perhaps Desmond’s greatest flaw is his complete inability to find peace or contentment. He jumped from job to job, from place to place, and his endless job hopping eventually landed him in the military.

After Desmond parted ways with Penny, he joined the Royal Scottish Regiment and was promoted to Deputy Corporal. Unfortunately, even this prosperous career opportunity ended in disaster when he proved untrustworthy, drafted into the army, and humiliatingly fired.

he lacks confidence

Charles Widmore

The main obstacle between Desmond and Penny is Desmond’s financial situation. Apparently, Desmond is poor and unemployed, which is one of the reasons that Charles Widmore (Penny’s father) shows contempt for Desmond.

The economic situation crushed his self-confidence and self-worth, eventually leading to a deep feeling of inferiority and insecurity. These repressed emotions led Desmond to break up with Penny because he felt he wasn’t good enough for her.

rejected by charles

Desmond proposed to Penny

It all goes back to Charles Widmore. Like any future son-in-law, Desmond wanted to be viewed positively by Charles. He even went to Charles to propose to Penny – a “noble gesture” (as Charles put it) that showed Desmond’s respect for his future father-in-law.

Unfortunately, Charles has nothing but contempt for Desmond. While kindly offering Desmond a job with his company, he is unafraid to express his hatred for Desmond and how useless he thinks he is.

parting with the coin

Desmond and Penny laugh together in Lost

Desmond broke up with Penny, even though doing so would obviously ruin him. He is not necessarily think Breaking up with her, he clearly still loves her.

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It’s just that his recent conversation with Charles Widmore has planted in his mind some particularly unpleasant thoughts that make him feel unworthy of Penny. He gets it done in one of the saddest and most tragic scenes in the series, and does what he does best – he runs away. In this case, it’s the military.

His relationship with Penny

Desmond vs Penny

Desmond’s breakup with Penny had some complex and far-reaching consequences. It was clear they were still in love, but Penny wanted to get over the pain and Desmond wanted to keep some personal honor.

As a result, Penny became engaged and Desmond trained for the Widmore regatta. The scene where Desmond and Penny go head-to-head in the stadium is brutal. Fans understand both views that they want to move on, but they also understand that Desmond and Penny were born to be together.

my life without purpose

Desmond drinking whiskey

Desmond never stayed in one place for long. The reasons for leaving are varied, but the truth is that Desmond was not a happy man, nor was he a particularly secure one.

At first, he ran away from Ruth and became a monk, but he was kicked out of the house by Brother Campbell. Then there was the debacle of Penny-Widmore. He then went to Royal Scotland and was later kicked out. Then he tried sailing. Apparently, Desmond has no end in sight – other than his life with Penny. As he told Penny, “God supposedly has a bigger plan for me.”

stuck in the cellar door

Desmond's Lost Character Guide

Desmond’s boating attempt also turns into a disaster when he crashes in a storm and is washed ashore on the island.

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Unfortunately, this led to the worst part of Desmond’s life. Forced to live with Kevin at Swan Station, he believes the outside air is poisonous and deadly. He was literally and figuratively stuck in the trapdoor — unable to get out, unable to call for help, unable to see or talk to Penny, and had to enter numbers into a computer every 108 minutes.

consider suicide

desmond locke and kate

Desmond’s desperate time in the cellar eventually led him to consider suicide. It has been determined that Desmond is a huge fan of Charles Dickens, and he intends to make our mutual friend The last book he read before he died.

He opened the book in the trapdoor, probably because he was about to kill himself when he was done. Desmond is at her worst, and that’s made worse by Penny’s love letter in which she declares that she’ll be “waiting for him”. Fortunately, Desmond’s prayers were answered when Locke knocked on the door.

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