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Getting lost in the wild is almost impossible, but with LOST in Blue it is possible. You will be put in the most extreme situation in the world. Survive in extreme conditions where danger lurks everywhere. Must build their own facilities to meet survival needs. Create things that will help carry out the plans you set out in the first place. It’s complicated, but if you get through it all, you’ll be in command. That is the limitless potential of man that he himself realized.

Survive, this word is becoming a trend among modern people today. This brings us a lot of challenges and excitement. LOST in Blue is a game that contains all the essentials of this theme. Also, the realistic simulation of the 3D graphics is what makes it stand out. Requests and interactions bring more vibrant colors to the game. You will survive in the wild on your own. To do things that I was afraid to do on my phone before.

Download LOST in Blue mod – Survival on a deserted island off the coast

On the flight back home, you will become a regular citizen. But due to an unusual event, you have an accident because a storm damages the engine. The plane crashes into the sea, and it’s time for you to make a choice. Bring the hope of survival to a dying man or woman. This is also the character that will represent you in this challenging adventure. You will swim to the island and begin the necessary activity to treat the wound. Then collect items around you and do useful things for you. Try to find everything to maintain your living conditions.

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make tools

Tools are very important to make our work easier. You can use your tools for hunting, mining, and even combat. These tools are usually made of wood, animal bones and fixed wire. Some other tools require rare and drifting objects. Players can follow the instructions to collect the necessary materials themselves. Your build is also shortened when you have the tools at hand. Mineral resources such as wood and stone will also be more accessible than ever. More specifically, you can hunt with a bow or spear to find food.

LOST in Blue mod for free

build a shelter

After you have the tools, the next step is to create the perfect shelter. Your character is very ingenious, so you can think of a lot of things. The first step is to build the walls and floor to form the frame. Then add the furniture and decorations you want to make things more comfortable. Players can add higher floors to expand the size of the house if desired. Around your house, you can build more defensive fences to prevent intruders. Create food fields for more food self-sufficiency. Both safe and convenient are not inferior to large farms.

lost in blue mod apk

in danger

We need to pay attention to this part if we want to save our lives. Danger is divided into two hours, day and night. During the day, when the sun is shining, you can easily spot things that can attack you. These are usually monsters, natives, or slow-moving monsters. And in the evening, monsters will appear at any time, that will be many times more dangerous. You can only recognize it by the signs that precede it. So prepare the necessary weapons to fight back and win. Never let your guard down because your life comes first.

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missing in blue android mod

multiplayer game

Survival only becomes more attractive when more friends join. Create a lounge and add your friends to it. You and them are free to choose roles and start growing together. Note that the difficulty increases depending on the number of people. Make quick and positive changes to achieve something new. You will improve your ability to work in groups with others. Find more fun with this awesome LOST in Blue mod.

Download LOST in Blue MOD APK (Menu/Move Speed ​​Multiplier) Android

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