Lost Ark: How To Get The Song Of Resonance

“Resonance song” is a musical work lost box The secret entrance to find hidden collectibles may be revealed. For example, if adventurers play the song near a particular statue in Windbringer Hill in Athertine, they can find two Mococo Seeds in a hidden room beneath the statue. Resonance songs also claim to earn tokens on specific islands lost boxTherefore, players who love to explore and find hidden secrets around the world will want to have priority access to this special track.

The location where the Resonance Song is received can only be reached by boat. Therefore, the player needs to acquire the ability to travel by boat to begin the journey of collecting songs. Unlock Train Travel lost boxthe player must complete the main quest,”off!in East Loutra. The player must be around level 35 to 37 at this point and can receive this quest from Eshu. After hiring Eshu as the player’s first crew and talking to a few NPCs, lost box Fans will be ready to embark on a journey to wherever they like on the map lost box.

Get the destination of the resonant song lost box Peyto is a small island in the northern Atusian Ocean, southwest of Pleccia. Specifically, players will board a giant cruise ship located next to a small island. Once on the deck, head to the bottom right corner of the ship to trade with the Treasure Hunter NPC Igran, who will provide the Resonant Song in exchange for 16,500 × Pirate Coins.

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The Lost Ark resonance song guide

Pirate Coins are a unique currency lost box Mainly obtained by completing quests. While the player can earn Pirate Coins from a number of sources, there are certain quests that guarantee a quick profit from Igran’s purchase of the Resonance Song.

First, the player should go to the location Freedom Isle lost box, can be found southwest of Tortoyk. Completing the quest sequences in Liberty Island will reward the player with a generous 15,000 × Pirate Coins. Just south of Liberty Isle is Blackfang’s Lair. Players can complete all missions at this location and earn thousands of Pirate Coins. This income is enough to lost box. Return to Peyto and purchase the track from Treasure Hunter Igran.

lost box Available on PC via Steam.

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