Lost Ark: Express Mission Event Guide

Express Mission, also known as “Super Express Mission”, is a lost box Focus on helping adventurers reach 3rd gear level for a specific character. This event and its rewards system work similarly to the Ark Pass, offering various quests and rewards for a given time. However, the obvious goal of completing the Quick Quest event is to speed up a level 1 character lost box Level 2, then level 3.

So, lost box Fans can only dedicate one character to the Quick Quest event, which speeds up the character’s progress. While an entire list of benefits is available during this event, all major bonuses, such as boosts or unique materials, are tied to the character. As such, players need to carefully decide which characters on their roster they want to speed up to level 3. Linking quick quests with a level 3 character will still give you plenty of valuable rewards. value, but using level 1 alt will definitely get more value in terms of growth.

Main features of Express Mission lost box Is the Gear Honing buff that a character receives when improving weapons and leveling up items. Players need less shards when sharpening equipment with the character Express lost box to upgrade their equipment. Additionally, the leveling rate is greatly increased, allowing adventurers to jump two levels instead of one, up to level 12. Additionally, these active bonuses will stack on top of existing Garrison buffs. have the player’s to sharpen the equipment.

How to do the express quest in the lost chest

lost boxThe rush missions are divided into four levels, including bonus levels with additional rewards. Levels 1-2 are used to speed up the process of passing level 1 and levels 3-4 are used to help players complete level 2. As mentioned above, level completion 1-4 will probably bring the most value to new players. characters because of the required duties related to older content and providing lower level documentation. For example, beginners with the new high level Gravel job can use this event to easily reach level 3. On the other hand, Berserkers already at level 3 and level 1370 or higher items probably won’t see much of a price. Treat it like a new Gravel.

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Fortunately, lost box There’s no need for fans to feel rushed to complete the Quick Quest event, as the event will run until June 30, 2022. Therefore, players should take some time to decide whether to spend it. event boosters for new alternate characters, or bind rewards to their established power supply.

lost box Available on PC via Steam.

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