Lori Vallow Parents: Janis Lee Cox And Barry Lynn Cox

Meet Janis Lee Cox and Barry Lynn Cox, parents of Lori Vallow. They recently appeared on Netflix’s new true crime offering. The sins of our mothers. This article is about Lori Vallow’s parents, so keep scrolling down to find out more about them.

Who are Lori Vallow’s parents?

Lori Vallow was born on June 26, 1973 to Janis Lee Cox and Barry Lynn Cox. Her parents were married in 1965 in Sacramento. Lori, along with her siblings, was born in California in San Bernardino County-California according to public records. Lori’s parents raised her and her siblings in a “very, very devout Mormon” faith.

“As a cheer squad, we were always at Lori’s house. Her mom and her dad let us hang out there. We knew how to swim, said Bernadette Flores-Lopez, Lori’s best friend from high school. inside edition. “Everyone was very welcoming. They had a great family.” The Cox family were “very, very devout Mormons,” Flores-Lopez said, and Lori attended religious education classes in the morning before going to school.

“It takes a lot of dedication, in high school, before going to seminary,” Flores-López said. “She never talked about what it means to be a Mormon or anything like that. I only know that there was a huge book of the Book of Mormon in her house.” Lori’s parents didn’t attend her cheerleading competitions, Flores-Lopez said, but Lori didn’t seem to mind. They were a quiet family and kept quite aloof, she said.

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Janis has also appeared on Netflix. The sins of our mothers and said: “It was just a big family and we had a lot of fun. I raised all of our children in the LDS church…and Lori has always loved the scriptures. She agreed immediately.”Even her father claimed that he once “started crying” when she was 8 years old while trying to raise her simply because he felt he was a “spiritual giant.”

Meet Lori Vallow’s father, Barry Lynn Cox

Barry Lynn Cox is the least known of all the members of the Lori Vallow family. Rumors have been circulating that Barry is a candidate to be the creator and admin of the ‘Release Lori Vallow’ FB page.

  • Is Barry Lynn Cox still alive?

Yes, Barry Lynn Cox is still alive.

  • Barry Lynn Cox Age

Born on June 11, 1941, Barry Lynn Cox is currently 81 years old.

  • Business Barry Lynn Cox

One thing we do know about Barry Lynn Cox is that he has written an entire book that focuses on anti-government views and advice on how to avoid paying taxes because he believes they are illegal. The book is titled “How the American Public Can Dismantle the IRS,” which was published in November 2019.

The book was dedicated to the inspired ideals promised to the free people of the United States of America. Barry writes: “Our patriotic and paladinous immigrant ancestors vigorously promoted and selflessly defended these laws against the British imperial tyrant and the propaganda of the despotic government of King George III in 1775… who loved his country more than himself.” .

He concluded: “This book presents essential information for all freedom-loving American citizens. In order to have truth and justice, it is important to protect our precious RIGHTS as proclaimed in our nation’s inalienable Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Codes. [ IRC ] of the United States of America. Above all, this book debunks federal income tax myths and exposes the illegal origins and evil purpose of the IRS.”

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He was reprimanded by the Arizona State Bar Association for his practice.

Meet Lori Vallow’s mother, Janis Lee Cox

Before finding the remains of Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow in Chad Daybell’s backyard, Janis Lee Cox maintained that her daughter Lori Vallow was innocent. Janis told CBS News’ Jonathan Vigliotti: “She invested her entire life in those children. So we know there’s a whole other side to this. We don’t know what it is. But we know her.”

Like her daughter, Summer Cox, Janis also believed her missing grandchildren were alive. Furthermore, she claimed that she even talked to JJ after she disappeared. “I talked to him,” Janis added. “He just answers the phone, you know, and he knows, you know, he knows who we are.”

  • Is Janis Lee Cox still alive?

Yes, Janis Lee Cox is still alive.

  • Janis Lee Cox Age

Janis Lee Cox was born in January 1947. Thus, in the middle of winter 2022, Janis Lee turned 75 years old.

  • Job Janis Lee Cox

Janis Lee Cox’s job is unclear. However, Janis and her husband are known to be “sovereign citizens” under the ideology of Posse Comitatus, an anti-Semitic group that was popular in the Midwestern United States in the 1970s and 1980s. Sovereign citizens often distinguish citizens into two groups: “14th Amendment citizens,” who are subject to state and federal law, and are also called “organic citizens.”

“Organic citizens” adhere to an ideology in which they claim that blacks, who only became citizens when the 14th Amendment was passed after the Civil War, have fewer rights and have fewer rights than whites, because individuals Whites, according to their ideology, were citizens much longer, so “organic citizens.”

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It was unclear when they became “sovereign citizens,” but they sued the IRS multiple times over many, many years, claiming they were not required to pay taxes.

“Barry Cox and his wife, Janis, have spent decades fighting the IRS, racking up more than $300,000 in back taxes due to Barry’s belief that ‘federal income tax is illegal’ and that the ‘IRS is a fake agency. show the documents. An Arizona judge also reprimanded Barry for the “unauthorized practice of law” in 2018, according to Arizona State Bar Association records. inside edition informed.

As if that wasn’t enough, Barry was sentenced to 366 days in jail for making a false statement to the IRS in 1999.

  • Where do Lori Vallow’s parents live today?

Lori Vallow’s parents currently live in San Tan Valley, Arizona.

  • How many children do Lori Vallow’s parents have?

Lori Vallow’s parents had five children; Lori Vallow, Stacey Cox, Alex Cox, Adam Cox, and Summer Cox Shiflet.

  • Are Lori Vallow’s parents on social media?

Nom Lori Vallow’s parents are not on social media.

  • Do Lori Vallow’s parents appear in the Netflix Sins of Our Mother movies?

Yes, Lori Vallow’s parents appeared on Netflix The sins of our mothers.

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