Lina Johnsen Wikipedia, Letzte Generation

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Lina Johnsen Wikipedia, Generation Letzte

Lina Johnsen Wikipedia, The Letzte Generation – During rush hour Friday morning, activists from Germany’s last generation of climate protesters (the Letzte Generation) demonstrated at one of Berlin’s most famous intersections . Additional activities are planned throughout the city and the rest of Germany.

Lina Johnsen Wikipedia, Generation Letzte

Campaigners dress like senior lawmakers when they claim the government has violated its own rules on climate change.

Explanation of the last rally

Activists took over the city’s Victory Column roundabout, the site of weekend climate protests, and clung to the roads leading from there.

An important intersection during rush hour is known as the Grosser Stern (Big Star) intersection. Some drivers turned to the road to avoid the protesters and continued on. More than an hour after the gathering began, traffic has been fully restored.

Some activists pose as government officials such as Prime Minister Olaf Scholz, Economy and Climate Change Minister Robert Habeck and Transport Minister Volker Wissing. They carried signs saying “We are breaking the law”.

The union, according to the group, failed to fulfill its legal obligation to provide Germany with a swift plan to comply with its own Climate Protection Act and achieve greenhouse gas neutrality. The government has fulfilled its request to submit additional climate protection measures by including comprehensive measures for the transport sector in the draft climate protection program.

Global action nationwide

Other protests are planned across the city on Friday, one of which will take place in front of Berlin’s main train station. Police added that protesters disrupted traffic near the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag, the German parliament building. According to Last Generation, 36 seats in 26 German cities were scheduled for Friday.

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Earlier in the day, protesters had anchored on the tarmacs of airports in Düsseldorf and Hamburg, prompting them to call for heavy fines on campaigners. Gang members were at the center of large-scale attacks in May.

Lina Johnsen, a spokeswoman for Last Generation, argued that the protests were necessary because the government was ignoring its own guidelines.

Politicians have a duty to protect the necessities of life. And by continuing to violate their own climate protection goals, they are deliberately falling short of that goal, according to Johnsen.

Germany, the largest polluter in Europe, is required by national legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in each of the following sectors by the end of the decade: energy, buildings, transport, industry, agriculture industry and waste – 65% above 1990 levels.

The government has decided to forgo sectoral targets and aim only for a general target of 2030 in June. Scientists worry that allowing successes in some areas makes up for failures in other areas will slow the adjustment process and make reaching the 2030 target more difficult.

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