Who Is Lilli Kay’s Partner? The Yellowstone Star

Want to know who is Lilli Kay’s partner? The popular show Yellowstone has several surprises as the makers have introduced new characters, storylines, and relationships, and viewers are all in for it! Viewers love this one character who has recently made her way into the show, Governor John Dutton’s new assistant, Clara Brewer.

Lilli Kay is playing the role of Clara Brewer. Kay’s real-life character hails from Miles City, Montana. The town is known for its old horseback riding culture. Believe it or not, Lilli Kay revealed that she and Joe have been riding and working with horses since she was about six years old!

Viewers have seen the actress dissolving her equestrian skills in Season 5, Episode 5, titled “Watch ’em Ride Away,” Lilli Kay has been garnering huge media attention, and now fans have been curious to know more about the Yellowstone star’s personal life. Let us look at all the details and lesser-known facts to find out who Lilli Kay’s partner is.

Who is Lilli Kay’s partner?

Lilli Kay’s partner is Juli Kocemba. The two have been keeping their relationship away from the media limelight. However, social media followers have seen some virtual PDA between the two.

While not much is known about Juli Kocemba, it has been reported that she is a model. Lilli Kay has made a major revelation about her character’s on-screen kiss and how it was inspired by her real-life partner, who helped the actress to prepare for the situation during her visit to the Yellowstone set.

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Lilli Kay’s partner
Who is Lilli Kay’s partner?

Clara Brewer is an LGBTQ-representing character in the show as she was seen sharing a passionate kiss with an unidentified character during the county fair. While talking about how her real-life partner helped her to prepare for the role, Kay admitted that while they assumed no one made a very big deal about it, people did make a big deal about it after all.

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Is Lilli Kay dating Nicholas Galitzine?

While Nicholas Galitzine and Lilli Kay initially sparked dating rumors back in 2019, the two are not dating each other. These romance rumors were earlier fuelled after the alleged pair posted photos of one another on social media Instagram. Later, the paparazzi even spotted the two out in public. Take a look at Lilli Kay stars as Clara in Yellowstone.

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They later starred in Chambers together. The series went on to premiere on Netflix in April 2019. Despite the romance rumors, the two have not addressed these rumors and are not dating after all. Lilli Kay is dating model Juli Kocemba.

While talking about her character in Yellowstone, she described Clara as someone who is entering this world that she is very not accustomed to while calling her a political woman who is used to dealing with politicians.

Lilli Kay’s partner
Lilli Kay as Clara

Is Lilli Kay in Yellowstone?

Lilli Kay, who is the newest addition to the Yellowstone family, recently hinted that a disaster is on the horizon for their favorite Duttons. The actress stated in an interview that this might be the beginning of the disaster as John is trying to deal with Jamie.

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As the rivalry worsens, Jamie tries to turn the state against John. Kay stated that there might be some looming drama with the herd as a potential disease going around with the cattle.

The actress further explained that it is like juggling a bunch of disasters that are concurrently exploding in everybody’s face in the show. Lilli Kay described her on-screen character as a person who wrangles all the political things he is dealing with.

She described Clara as someone who is fairly inexperienced compared to the people that were on John’s team, so she has to step up in ways that she did not expect, as Kay further added that she could do it pretty well.

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