Lil Kelpy Bio, Age, Real Name, Height, Fight, Is He A Pimp?

Lil Kelpy is a rapper trying to make it in the world of pimps. But not everyone appreciated how he works. For example, Sharp and Almighty Suspect, who even traded blows with a would-be pimp, claimed that he had no respect for other pimps.

Continue reading this biography of Lil Kelpy to learn more about him.

Lil Kelpy fight without a jumper

Lil Kelpy was invited by Adam22 to the No Jumper podcast on November 24, 2022 to give the aspiring pimp another chance to tell his story after Sharp’s podcast. But to Adam’s dismay, the interview didn’t end well as Kelpy and Almighty Suspect got into an argument after the 8th minute mark.

In case you missed Kelpy’s podcast with Sharp, the duo also had a tense back and forth, but without getting physical.

Going back to Kelpy and Almighty Suspect, the two got into a heated argument after Adam asked Almighty Suspect why he was offended by the way Kelpy was dressed during their first interview. To which the Almighty explained that the Kelpy in the fur coat was like the “disguise” of someone who plays the pimp.

Almighty and Kelpy then exchanged a few words before the former asked, “Who are you? Nobody knows you!” This prompted Kelpy to say, “Ben Franklin knows who I am, you son of a bitch.” The almighty suspect immediately got up from his seat and punched Kelpy, saying, “Who are you calling shit, boy? “

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In the end, the employees arrived and broke up the fight.

As this seemed too random, the internet was skeptical that the video was staged. But apparently the shot was correct! So we’re assuming the Almighty Suspect was provoked by the words Kelpy threw at him. A heated moment, nothing more. Like Kelp said.

In his words, “What happened is really simple. I went into that show with a different kind of energy than I had in the first interview I did with Sharp and the Almighty.” Which means that this time he came prepared to match the energy because he knew he would act disrespectfully. Unfortunately, when he did, he was “spit on and then hit.”

But he does not regret calling the Almighty a “whore”. And she still thinks the boy acts like that.

Furthermore, Kelpy claimed that the only reason he had blood on his face was because of his braces and that the Almighty wore a ring. He even went so far as to say that the Almighty was “hitting like an ab*tch.”

Explaining the situation further, Kelpy said, “The situation is not deeper than it seems. Indeed, I went to the interview. Adam was cool with me and the Suspect didn’t like that Adam was cool with me because Adam was on my side. He said, ‘Well, the guy looks like he’s got a bitch.'”

lil kelpy age

Lil Kelpy was 19 years old when he fought Almighty Suspicious in 2022.

This means that he is 6 years younger than the Almighty.

Rightly so, Kelpy claimed that the Almighty always “chose someone much younger than himself over someone who gets involved in gangs every day.” To further prove his point, Kelpy even asked the Almighty, “Why didn’t he do anything when his chain was stolen? Where was the energy?

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What is Lil Kelpy’s real name?

Lil Kelpy has not revealed his real name.

Is Lil Kelpy a pimp?

Yes, Lil Kelpy is a pimp. He worked in southern and central Orange County, California.

But Kelpy didn’t choose the life of a pimp, it was the life of a pimp that chose him. When he was younger, Kelpy used to joke that they could do this or that to make money. So in 2020 he tried to get in the game and met Ashley and Crystal (his hookers of his) and never looked back.

So why does a girl need a pimp? According to Kelpy, it’s not just about security aspects like taking care of the girls, but also money management. “It’s something they really struggle with. Therefore, I pride myself on being a CEO-oriented person. I’m very good at managing money,” she added.

Furthermore, Kelpy claimed that he didn’t take his money just to spend it on random things for himself. Instead, he helped them run it as if they were putting it into an investment to make more money.”

In addition to being a pimp, Kelpy is also a rapper. She released her first single GuapGang in December 2021.

Furthermore, Kelpy even had a clothing brand called Snap Star. He mainly sold street t-shirts.

Lil Kelpy Height

Lil Kelpy is under 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall.

Referencing his special features, Kelpy has tattoos all over his body. And she always likes to wear chains and a hat.

Also because of his style, Sharp humiliated Kelpy. “You disrespect us with that chain. No disrespect with that coat, you like to keep your bitches high!” Sharp said.

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  • Where is Lil Kelpy from?

Lil Kelpy hails from Orange County, California

  • Is Lil Kelpy on Instagram and Twitter?

As of November 2022, Kelpy was @pimpkelpy on Instagram with 3,100 followers. Surprisingly, she only had one duty then.

Here is his Twitter @lilkelpy.

Also find him on TikTok @lilkelpy and Youtube @lilkelpy.

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