Like a Dragon: Ishin – The Mochi Mystery Quest Guide

Players can find one of these side stories in the quest Like a Dragon: Ishin, Mochi Mystery and earn rewards for solving puzzles involving food theft.

In Chapter 3 Like a Dragon: IshinIn The Mochi’s story, players have the opportunity to complete a side quest called The Mochi Mystery for an optional reward. A humorous tale of stolen desserts, the quest skips combat and instead requires the player to use basic clues from a list of suspects to unmask the thief. A much lighter story than the main story’s dark atmosphere, this quest offers an interesting diversion from the main adventure while also providing the player with special virtues and items. to solve the mystery.

Substory 06, The Mochi Mystery, can be found after protagonist Ryoma Sakamoto is able to pass through the portal in the third chapter of the game. Located in Shinmeicho, Rakunai, the player can see a group of six men arguing in an alley between the streets. Like a Dragon: IshinSet in feudal Japan. Approach them to see the ruckus that is bringing Ryoma into a confrontation with the law enforcement martial artist Doshin as they ask the player to help them solve this latest crime.

Solving the Mochi Mystery

Like a Dragon: Yixin Mochi suspensefully denounces the scene of five thieves and two thieves

The player soon learns that a total of two cakes have been stolen, with five suspects lined up for interrogation to gather information. Each player has a line of dialogue that the player is told when Ryoma interacts with them.

It doesn’t matter in what order you ask these suspects, as long as you pay attention to their words during the interrogation.

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Although the player does not need to provide an answer as in the sub-answer in Global Cheat Like a Dragon: Ishinthey should remember what details come up when blaming certain characters.



north island

“It’s confusing, isn’t it? All I can say is that Mr. Nakagawa or Mr. Minamino are guilty, but not both.”


“Probably Er Nishi-san…his kimono has Daifuku powder on it! I saw it!”


“I’ve seen Takumi Minamino with mochi in his mouth. Also, I’ve been with Nishiyama all the time so he’s clean.”

Tay Son

“Only Dongyuan and Nanye have the snack room key. One of them, or both, is the one you’re looking for.”


“All I know is that one of the culprits must be North Island. I’ve seen his hand on that thing, no doubt.”

The player can immediately rule out Nakagawa and Nishiyama as potential thieves, as the first has an alibi to exonerate himself and Nishiyama. Like a Dragon: Ishin, the most shady character, Minano, seems to be the most worried and the obvious culprit, as nearly three other suspects point their fingers at him. This makes Dong Won, who holds the last snack bar key, the last thief instead of Bei Dao, as he is quick to blame it on someone else, who has no way of getting the spoils.

reward for finding the thief

Like a Dragon: Ishin Ryoma talks to local Samurai Doshin to help solve the mysterious side story Mochi

Once the player has completed their deduction, they can return to Doshin and select the “Think I figured it out” prompt. A dramatic scene ensues as Ryoma pinpoints the perpetrators of the misdemeanor mochi, who confess their crimes.

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The player who completed the quest Mochi Mystery Like a Dragon: Ishin Get the item God Slayer’s Amulet and 300 Virtues to bring justice to the streets of Lornai.

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