Leonora Knatchbull Wiki, Cause of Death, Countess Mountbatten’s daughter, Family, In the Crown, Age & More

Leonora Knatchbull Wiki, Cause of Death, Countess Mountbatten’s daughter, Family, In the Crown & age all of this information visitors can read here.

Recently; Netflix release the fifth season of “The Crown” with new characters. In this season Penelope Knatchbull was also cast in this web series. Penelope is also a close friend of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II.

Countess Mountbatten has good relations with the royal family and also attended Prince Philips’s funeral in April 2021.

Countess Mountbatten married Norton Knatchbull. Together they have a son and daughter. Their son’s name is Nicholas, 41 years and their Daughter is named Leonora, who died at the age of 5 years.

Leonora Knatchbull Cause of Death, How did she die?

Leonora Knatchbull died due to kidney cancer on 22 October 1991 at the age of 5 years. She lived with her parents in Broadlands, Hampshire.

According to news channels, she did her treatment at Diana Hospital. She suffered from multiple treatments. Her funeral was held at Romsey Abbey on 26th October 1991.

Her parents found a cancer charity fund in memory of Leonora.

Leonora Knatchbull Wiki, Countess Mountbatten’s daughter

Leonora Knatchbull was the daughter of Countess Mountbatten (Father) & Nortan Knatchbull (Mother). she died at the age of 5 years due to cancer. In the year 1990, her parents found that Leonora was ill and have cancer. For 14 months Leonora regularly visits Diana Hospital for treatment.

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Leonora’s other personal information is not mentioned yet, so we update soon all the details later.

Leonora Knatchbull Family, Parents, Wikipedia

Leonora was the third child of Nortan and Countess. She was the youngest child and also died at age of 5 years.

Her Mother Nortan is the daughter of Victoria & Patrica Edwina.

Who Plays Leonora Knatchbull in the Crown?

Fifth Season on Netflix. Leonora Knatchbull’s character is played by Lady Romsey in the Crown 5th Season of Netflix. Viewers can watch this season on Netflix.

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