Legendary Gogglebox star joins Dancing on Ice in bombshell move

GOGGLEBOX fans were left disappointed when Stephen Webb – one of the show’s most popular stars – announced he was leaving this month.

They were also intrigued because the Brighton hair salon owner told viewers of the Channel 4 programme that he and partner Daniel Lustig were quitting to ­pursue “other opportunities”.


Gogglebox stars were recently disappointed when Stephen Webb and partner Daniel Lustig quit the C4 programme – but now, Stephen has now joined Dancing On IceCredit: Instagram/stephengwebb1971

He didn’t explain what they would be, but I can reveal that Stephen is swapping his sofa for skates as he signs up for the next series of Dancing On Ice on ITV1.

A TV insider said: “Many Gogglebox stars face a dilemma at some point.

“Many of them develop profiles in their own right and inevitably receive offers to appear on other shows.

“If they do go on other things they are making official their transition to celebrity, and Gogglebox reviewers are meant to be regular members of the public.

“Stephen had very much developed his own profile.

“It wasn’t a surprise he received other offers, though no one would have necessarily guessed he’d be doing Dancing On Ice.”

Stephen was one of the original Goggleboxers and had been on the show for a decade, though he has had different sofa-mates over the years.

There was surprise earlier this month when he confirmed his departure, saying:

“After careful consideration, Daniel and I have decided we will not be returning for the new series of Gogglebox.

“We feel the time is right to move on and explore other opportunities.”

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Imagine if he comes full circle one day and ends up on Celebrity Gogglebox.


IT’S not like Amanda Holden to shy away from a sexy topic.

She is hosting new Sky History series Sex: A Bonkers History, which premieres tomorrow night at 9pm, with historian Dan Jones and covers everything from Roman romps to Tudor turn-ons.

Amanda Holden's new documentary Sex: A Bonkers History proved a bit too much when it came to tantric sex and BDSM


Amanda Holden’s new documentary Sex: A Bonkers History proved a bit too much when it came to tantric sex and BDSMCredit: Sex: A Bonkers History/A+E Networks EMEA/Sky History/Leigh Keily

But it all proved a bit too much when it came to tantric sex and BDSM.

Amanda said: “Bottom line is, we’re British and it was all awkward.

“In the tantric sex demonstration, in my head I was doing my Waitrose shop at the time of filming – ­ anything but not to focus on the two of them at it.

“And BDSM is not some-thing I’ve thought about before, but it is an interesting topic.

“Some of the devices looked like torture implements.

“We had an expert in that area and she was trying to explain the euphoria around pain.

“Me and Dan got quite giggly, like naughty schoolchildren.”

DANNY Walters jokes he has too much on his plate to worry if his character Keanu will be killed off in EastEnders’ big Christmas episode.

He said: “Am I worried? Every day I’m worried just about general life!”

Danny also teased big things ahead for Keanu, saying: “It’ll be fiery, passionate, heartbreaking.”


NEIGHBOURS star Ian Smith has vowed to take fan favourite Harold Bishop to the grave with him.

The actor, who started in the role 36 years ago, reckons he can never be seen as any other character.

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Neighbours star Ian Smith has vowed to take fan favourite character Harold Bishop to the grave with him


Neighbours star Ian Smith has vowed to take fan favourite character Harold Bishop to the grave with himCredit: Rex Features

Ahead of the show’s return tomorrow on Amazon Freevee, Ian told the Soap From The Box podcast: “A lot of people have poked fun at soaps but I never could with Neighbours.

“It’s done far too much for me – I can see the good it does.

“Harold was a blessing and a damnation because no one can see me as anyone but Harold now, so I’ve given up going for weird and wonderful parts as I used to do before Neighbours.

“It looks like I’m going to retire and take Harold to the grave with me.”


WRONGLY jailed TV host Raphael Rowe has hit out at prison-based reality shows for turning the harsh experience into entertainment.

His criticisms come ahead of Channel 4’s upcoming series HMP, in which celebs are locked up with ex-cons for eight days in a former prison.

Raphael, who spent ten years behind bars for a crime he did not commit, went on to present Netflix series Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons.

He said: “The producers of these shows are sometimes asking people to do things or behave in a certain way.

“It doesn’t serve any purpose other than entertainment.

“The psychological and physical damage cannot be replicated in a celebrity-featured show.

“It’s unfair to victims and criminals and to the prison authorities.”

CELEBRITY SAS star Jason Fox has wed longtime girlfriend Jules Hawkins.

He shared the news on Insta today and said: “It’s official! The knot is tied and I’m a lucky man.”

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Jason and Jules said their vows at London’s Old Marylebone Town Hall before enjoying a reception in Covent Garden.


YOU might think filming a thriller in your home town would make the job easier.

But for Morven Christie, who plays Lexie Noble in new ITV drama Payback, which airs next month, filming in Glasgow was more difficult.

She said: “On the one hand it was amazing because I was sleeping in my own bed.

“But it was hard because this was quite an extreme character going through some quite extreme circumstances.

“Sometimes it’s easier just to go off somewhere . . . and keep that sort of separation.”

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