Laura Sanko

Laura Sanko, a well-known American MMA commentator, broadcast personality, reporter, former fighter, social media influencer, media personality, and entrepreneur from Chicago, Illinois, is 40 years old and was born on December 7, 1982.

This stunning woman is well-known for her job as a TV personality and a professional MMA analyst. Additionally, Laura works as a reporter. Laura has been an In-Cage/Sideline Reporter at Invicta FC since December 2014, according to her LinkedIn profile.

She also serves as the company’s owner and leads heifer. Let me add that Sanko has competed in MMA in the past. She also competed in and won several MMA matches. On January 5, 2013, she competed in her final match, according to Tapology. She then began her career as a reporter. For more information about Laura Sanko, read this article.

Who is Laura Sanko?

Laura is a well-known MMA reporter and broadcaster. Since December 2014, she has been employed by Invicta FC as an in-cage and sideline reporter. She had previously competed in several MMA matches. She retired in 2013 for personal and family reasons. Her final match took place on January 5, 2013. She also mostly concentrates on her reporting career.

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In addition to this, Laura has thousands of followers on social media and is a social media influencer. She also made numerous podcast appearances and series. Sanko further promotes several products on social media. She currently works for UFC as a reporter, host, and analyst.

What is the Net Worth of Laura Sanko? Salary, Earnings

Laura has a successful career and earns a comfortable living. Laura Sanko earns a respectable wage because she works as a reporter and MMA analyst for the UFC. She also makes additional money by promoting brands on social media. She and her family are currently residing in Kansas City, Missouri. Laura is thought to have a net worth of about $2.5 million (approx.).

Where was Laura Sanko? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

On Tuesday, December 7, 1982, in Chicago, Illinois, Laura was born to her parents. She was born into a family who is Christians. Laura is 40 years old as of the date of her birth (2022). Every December 7, she has her birthday. Laura Marcusse is her genuine birth name.

She was reared in Kansas City despite being born in Illinois, according to the claims. Laura finished her education at Kansas City Christian School, to be specific. Following that, she enrolled at William Jewell College where she earned a BBA in Entrepreneurship degree.

She became interested in martial arts and amateur combat after seeing the movie The Karate Kid as a teenager. She also began studying martial arts and karate at a very young age.

Laura was born to American parents, per the reports. Her parents’ precise names are unknown, though. Her father, Mr. Marcusse, is a businessman, said the sources. Her mother, Mrs. Marcusse, on the other hand, stays at home.

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She shared some photos of her mother and siblings on social media as well. Let me tell you that she has a brother named Steve Marcusse who lives with the family. The sources claim that Steve is an entrepreneur. Her brother had three children with Lisa DeMots Marcusse after a happy marriage. Laura enjoys spending time with her loved ones.

Is Laura Sanko Married? Relationship

Married Laura is a woman. We discovered Laura married Nathan Sanko on September 6, 2012, after going through her Facebook profile. Additionally, she posted numerous photos of herself and her husband on social media.

Burke, Laura’s son, is also her child. Regarding Laura’s previous relationships, no reliable information is known. She enjoys traveling to various locations with her spouse and son. She has a businessman for a husband, let me tell you that.

How did Laura Sanko start her Professional Career?

Laura began her work with Fleishman-Hillard Inc. as a Senior Account Executive, according to her LinkedIn profile. Since she was a little child, she has loved to compete in MMA. During her time in school, she also started practicing martial arts. Her parents help her succeed in becoming a well-known MMA fighter.

She also participated in other MMA battles as an amateur fighter. Her final bout, according to Tapology, took place on January 5, 2013, in IFC. She is currently employed by Invicta FC as an in-cage/sideline reporter. Invicta FC welcomed her in December 2014.

In addition to this, she runs Grassy Pants Beef LLC as its owner and leads heifer. Laura works for the UFC as a reporter, host, and analyst. Additionally, she appeared on numerous podcasts. She is also a well-known figure on social media.

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