LAST CLOUDIA MOD APK (Menu, Absolute Evade/Damage Multiplier) 3.12.0


menu, absolute dodge/damage multiplier

Being a hero with strength is something that we can hardly do in reality. But with LAST CLOUDIA it’s as easy as eating sugar. Set out with brave warriors against the rebirth of darkness. Support each other to overcome the most difficult challenges to complete the goal. Sweep countless legends that the enemy can do. Bring joy back to the beautiful magical world.

LAST CLOUDIA belongs to the fighting action genre that has been on the market for a long time. It is created and distributed with a fairly thorough investment by the AIDIS developer. At first glance, it looks quite similar to the legendary Final Fantasy game. But its gameplay is completely different, it has the ability to attack continuously. The character’s skill effects are created very magical and shimmering. Classic pixel art can also entertain you.

Download mod LAST CLOUDIA – repel the darkness of this beloved land

The game begins with the context of humans and summoned beasts living together. Together they build buildings and live happily ever after. But disaster strikes when our warriors accidentally come into contact with dark forces. Now they are pursuing the goal of world domination. Our heroes need to stop this plan before it’s too late. You will control your heroes to launch attacks and skills. Kill the designated enemies to complete the set missions. Only you can end this ultimate war.

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different roles

Joining this journey are many talents with specific types of abilities. They are grouped into character classes according to their origin and characteristics. Characters such as gladiators, witches, beasts, gunners, creatures, even gods can be mentioned. These characters have special fighting skills. When activated, it can deal massive damage, heal, or stun enemies. The availability of these heroes is divided by different colors. Some are used forever, sold during limited events, or have a limited lifespan.


useful items

Heroes can become stronger by equipping them with battle accessories. These accessories will include armor, weapons, and jewelry such as rings or necklaces. Weapons will be the ones that deal the most damage and help your hero deal more damage. Armor increases the character’s resistance to certain attacks. Finally, jewels provide a valuable percentage of stats or abilities. Find hero items that match the class they belong to. Rare items will provide more energy than usual.

many mysterious places

The world of LAST CLOUDIA is very large and is divided into many different lands. There are five positions in total, which are Aldana, Lanzelia, Migal, Rodal and finally Labor. You will start your tour in Migal, a very crowded city. Then take on new quests and start going further. Each has its own unique warriors and cultural identity. The dangers in these places are also constantly changing. It is necessary to be very careful to discover new things while traveling. The variety and spaciousness will always give you something that will never be boring.

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Ultimate claudia mod apk

noble mission

The tasks that you need to complete will be listed on your to-do list. It will be closely related to the plot of “LAST CLOUDIA”, an indispensable game. Every time you complete a mission, you will receive a special reward. It can be a resource or a random item needed to level up. You can choose any task as priority if you find it easier. The more complex the task, the higher your power and the richer the rewards. Just by working hard every day, you are taking a big step forward.

Battles in LAST CLOUDIA move at breakneck speed. It will help you to complete the task in short time. Heroes can be automatically suggested for desired quests. Everything you do at LAST CLOUDIA is always good for you.

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